Mom Thoughts

As a mom, and I speak from this point of reference because I’m not a dad, don’t you sometimes have thoughts about your kids and about parenting and about life in general with kids that kind of pop in to your head.   Sometimes you are pleased and think you are a wonderful parent.  Other times you wonder who in their right mind let you be a parent?

Maybe it’s just me.

When my kids were being born I had odd thoughts.  Okay, actually the only thought I had during actual labor that I remember is:

With #1:  how the heck can he sit there and drink coke and eat potato chips?????  I was starving.  Yes, in labor.

With #2:  oh my Gooooooooooooooooood what possessed me to do this again?????  No worries #2 that thought was fleeting.

Other thoughts along the years:

I could have twelve of these!  (During the first six months of #1)

I wished I’d of had twelve of these!  (When I realized my children were no longer children by recommend age standards of letting them and the world think they are adults.)

I wonder what her little voice will sound like when she starts talking.   I can’t wait!

I DON’T KNOW WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stop asking!!!!  (No I never said it.  What kind of mom do you think I am?)

Oh God who is going to clean this up?!  (When #2 projectiled vomit EIGHT feet from her mouth across her bedroom.)

I hope she is kind to the other kids.

I hope the other kids are kind to her.

How will I feed her for 18 years.

Five years later:  how will I feed her for 18 years.

I’m going to kick her ass!

I miss her.

Look how beautiful she is.

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why won’t she talk to me?  (Ironic after the above thought, huh?)

I wished she looked like me.

Why do they look like their dad!  I did the hardest part!

She got that attitude from him!

Why did I say that/do that/forget that?  I probably scarred her for life.  I suck.

I know exactly what you are thinking right now.   I used to be your age little woman.  (Okay, I am pretty sure I said that.  A lot.  It would freak them out.  Because I did know exactly what they were thinking.)

I can’t believe she’s mine.  (Sigh.  Love.)

can not believe she is mine!  (Uhm…)

And the ones I never stop thinking, no matter how old they are:

God please please please protect her when I cannot.

God thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

Oh….  and…

If you treat my child well-Thank you, so very much.  If you hurt and abuse my child,  I will meet you in hell.   (Too harsh?  No.)

29 thoughts on “Mom Thoughts

  1. Colleen, I can image what goes through a parents head … at times. I’m sure I would worry to death .. if I had children – being overprotected – I think – even if I had a massive personal freedom as teen and young adult … always had take responsibility for my own decisions and mistake.


    • Yes worry and responsibility for self is huge, doing those for another (a child, a spouse, a friend, a parent, anyone who needs you) is, or can be, pretty overwhelming at times. As well as rewarding. My biggest fears in life have always centered around my children and failing them, or them being hurt.


  2. Love your candidness! Yep! I can totally relate. Going through labor, my husband holding me and doing lamaze breathing with me. Sounds great until he starts rapping using lamze. Wasn’t funny at the time. I wanted to punch him. Now I look back and think it was almost funny.


    • Thanks Optimisticgladness. I think your name is SUPER INCREDIBLE! And yes, I would find it difficult to find the man I love in labor and be very non chalant about eating chips and drinking pop. And I would be careful about what kind of humor I used. Maybe when your children are 40 you will be laughing? 🙂


      • Thank you! My second name is Lisa, my my third name is mom. Hmmm. Will I be laughing when my children turn 40? Nope. It was traumatic!? I wanted to punch him in the face while I was 9 cm dilated. He still thinks it was funny.


        • I would think he would know this by now (that it will NEVER be funny). I think wanting to punch someone in the face when you are 9 cm dilated is totally acceptable behavior/desire. Sounds like you missed your opportunity. 🙂


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