Well now.  Doesn’t that just sound egotistical and a little attention needy?

But if you read the title out loud or ramble it around in your head you are reading:

“Celebrate ME”  not “celebrate Colleen”.

I joked with a friend of mine that I was going to write a blog about “Celebrate ME Every Day”.  We both laughed.  I told her I was going to write about it.

I wrote it down and thought it sounded just like it sounds.  Egotistical and attention needy.

Until I said it out loud again and wondered what it would sound like to others, you, who read it.

Well, to me it sounds great.  If the tens of you reading this today or somewhere down the road read “Celebrate Me” and do just that, celebrate yourself, than maybe we will have a world full of tens of happier people.  Even if for just a moment.

Why not celebrate me?  (Is what you should ask yourself.)

Why not celebrate the joy you brought the day you were born.  Why not celebrate the joy you bring by doing what do in your every day life that affects/effects people all around you.   Why not take happiness from the fact that you can do something every day that makes a difference to someone.

You don’t think you make a difference?  Even a little one?

Well, as simple as this sounds, you brought me joy today.  As any blog addict writer will tell you, you brought joy to me by coming here to read this.  For whatever reason you were compelled to click here and read.  For the millions who do not read this they will miss out on me telling them thank you.  And they will miss out on the fact that they could have had a moment where they read “CELEBRATE ME” and realized it was about them.

Celebrate me every single day!

And by me, I mean you.  And when I read it, I mean me.  But you’re reading it now so it’s you.

Have a great day full of the celebration of life.