As Odd As This Sounds…

……I got a dagger for my birthday!

Just a month or so ago I would never have thought I wanted or needed a dagger.  I mean, who really does?

How life changes in a month.

It is a necessity for someone who lived in the 1500’s and early 1600’s.  Which I do not.  I am, however, assembling a historical outfit for long time use from that period.

For many reasons I want to assemble this Irish Legend’s persona by creating an outfit.  But the most important one, is my grandchildren.  One of whom I call Grace O’Malley.  So much so that when she started to talk and we asked her her name she would say “Grace O’Malley”  or even better and filled my heart with joy she would say “Grannia” in a whisper like I would whisper it in her ear.

Sadly modern day fears of her parents made me stop.  They were fearful it would confuse her when she started to school.  Personally I think it would be wonderful if she started school with the brave heart and adventurous spirit that Grannia lived with.  Apparently people in 2012 think differently.

It’s easy enough to teach them about our heritage here in  America.  I live here and we can experience it in many ways.   I have learned and can pass down our heritage here with the historical information my aunts and uncles on both sides have accumulated and given to us by keeping the family history sacred.  Something I wish to continue.  And fortunately so do many of my cousins.  One of my vacation hopes is to take the information from my ancestors path in to America, get in a car and travel that path backwards, from here to the shore they arrived on.  Going through the small towns they spent their lives in, seeing what they saw through that town’s heritage.  That will be an awesome, and long, road trip.

But our heritage is much more than that.  It goes beyond those shores of America and back to traipsing over the shores and stones of Ireland.  A few other places.  But I feel Ireland and am fascinated by the age of it.  And quite honestly the physical presence of Ireland.  The actual stone of Ireland.  The rock.  And when we have come across actual (but few) wooded areas of Ireland there is something very strong there, about Ireland.  Strong and sacred.

So anyway, I want to create this costume of Grannia.  Grainne Ni Mhaile.

Oh, and some friends of mine gave me tickets to go back to the Renaissance Festival.  So, of course, I must return in full regalia.   Yearly.  Numerous times, yearly.  I can see me turning in to that 70 plus year old couple I saw my first trip who were decked from head to toe in leather wear.  I don’t know how accurate it was.  But I felt like they had been plucked out of another century.

And besides, they were having fun.

But the best part of this outfit, will be wearing it to my grandson’s first birthday party.

So my friends got me a dagger.

Sure, who needs a dagger at a child’s birthday party?

Honestly, I do not.  We will be dulling the blade.  And though I will have the dagger’s sheath for the party it will hold a fake dagger I have from martial arts practice.

But, I got a dagger for my birthday.  And it made me very happy.

Bone handled Dagger for Grace O’Malley.


Now, I need a sword.   A real sword.   She was a Pirate Queen you know.


Pardon the stains on the shirt.  No, it is not blood.  It is one of my painting shirts and that’s what I did all day yesterday.

34 thoughts on “As Odd As This Sounds…

  1. Colleen, I think we all need a sword at times … a beautiful dagger you got. Long live the Pirate Queen. I think it’s terrific that you take on to learn your grandchildren about your history – heritage, so important. US are such a young country really – remember when we drove along route #1 and came to the historical town of Alamo – then I realized how young US as a nation. Of course the Indians been there – but it doesn’t seams to be counted in your history, at least not when it’s about the history that you want to show your visitors.
    But as European am I so spoiled with history going back so fare … and then we stopped in Alamo I thought – so what ??? Is this all ??? But of course is it history for you and it’s your heritage. Long live the Queen. *smile


    • Thank you Viveka. 🙂 America is very “old” for certain and the American Indian’s culture SHOULD be more apparent. My history here does make it a “young” country as far as my heritage goes. We do go back a couple of hundred years, on some of our family tree branches. But most seem to have a very long history in Ireland. Where Ireland IS so very old and there is so much of the “old” left for us to appreciate. And I do, appreciate it. 🙂


      • I think it’s fantastic .. that you take it on and carry it on. Ireland is very old .. even if one of the youngest – compare to the South of Europe. The Nordic countries even younger and we go fare back. We are good on keeping the old in shape .. over here.


          • My legs will never change – only that I should sit and hang with them by the computer so much as I do, but I can’t work with my netbook, screen too small. And it’s uncomfortable to work from the bed. Sometimes I take “legs up day” – to give them a good break. Enjoy the fair and I hope a post will be coming out of it.


            • I didn’t get home in time to get a post in. I will see what I can do. I got used to using my little netbook when we went to Ireland for 3 weeks. It was better than lugging a full size laptop. But it IS incredibly small. I enjoyed your Lola post this morning. It made me hungry while I rode.


              • Love my netbook when I travel too – so light, but to do bigger works on it – forget – I use for my photos adjustments – brilliant tool, because the screen is good. Tom has a good things going with all his restaurants – great !!!


  2. so many jokes here! glad you got your dagger! you could cut the birthday cake with it, you’re supposed to paint the fence not your shirt, 70 year olds in leather?? someday you…well wern’t your born in the 15 or 1600’s? …i hope i haven’t gone to far, like i said so many jokes in here…
    Happy Birthday!


  3. What a hoot, Colleen–a dagger! When I read your title in my inbox, I wondered what the title meant, then when I read the first sentence I had to laugh out loud. Happy birthday, my friend. Yesterday went well–extended post about it tomorrow morning.


    • Looking forward to your post!

      Thank you. The dagger was a great addition to the outfit. We are having fun creating it.

      I’ll have to sneak a read of your post while I’m at work. During my break. I won’t be able to wait to get home. 😉


  4. You make me laugh smile and think all at the same time.That is a feat in itself.My son feels the same way about where he came from.Hungary is his destination as soon as he can.Blessings oh Pirate Queen!


  5. Nice dagger – a few Christmas’s ago my husband bought me a Civil War sword. We recently found it that it was actually used, we just don’t know if it was used during the war, to cut wood, or whatever…I was hoping it was a ceremonial sword. So now I need a dagger…. 😀 Happy Birthday!!!!


      • Hopefully we can both post pictures of what is on our wish list! 😉 Our son has a few nice ones, I believe the one he has is from Russia. I will have to ask him to let me borrow them so I can take some pictures.


        • That would be lovely! I don’t know yet what kind of sword I want. I would like the only Irish sword they attribute to Ireland…the “Ring Hilt” sword. But I don’t want a cheesy cheap one. I want a REAL one. Despite I will only ever wear it once or five times a year. And NEVER plan on fighting with it. 🙂


  6. Your grandsons mother says you are NOT allowed to bring a real dagger to his birthday party. Very dangerous since there will be lots of wee ones running around!!


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