He Did Not Fit The Stereotype

Most people see them or hear of them and think “dirty”, “scoundrel”. and ill mannered.

Most people don’t look close enough.

Or listen well enough.

Or care to learn more.

So they miss out on a lot of good things.

This fellow was neither dirty, nor scoundrel acting nor ill mannered….

I asked him to turn a leg out so we could show his dagger in his boot.

He was gracious, kind and funny. Β Thank you Pirate Man. Β He paid homage to my Queen self and when he went to kiss my hand, for real, I threw him for a loop when I twisted his hand in to a Pirate Grip.

Pirates are not as bad as you would think.

If they go to Renaissance Fairs.

26 thoughts on “He Did Not Fit The Stereotype

    • Oh I am pretty sure you and I don’t fit in to any stereotype. But if we did, we would shatter that image. But then, if we shattered it, there would be no stereotype. Which again takes us to we do not fit in to one. πŸ™‚


  1. I’ve always wanted to meet a pirate (of this variety — not the modern day version). He appears to be quite respectful of your Queenliness (is that even a word? Spell check thinks not.).


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