Holding On To What Was And Always Will Be

Dad’s not here any more.  But he’s always around.   Playing tricks and pulling pranks on everyone.   Children and Adults, alike, were not (are not) safe.

His calling card was a beer can or a pop can.  Depending on what he had handy.   And you might not find it for weeks, months, or even years.

He chewed on his lip when he was angry.   He didn’t have to say much for us to understand.  And the softer he spoke the more trouble you were in.

He drank “Near Beer” for Lent.

He started my younger brothers yelling “fumigate the area! fumigate the area!” whenever he headed to the bathroom.

He Went to Church and Grade School Here

He Went To College Here

He Loved Them All

GAH !!! He Used To Smoke.

He Served In This Branch

He Grew Up Here When It Did Not Look Like This

His Favorite Singing Group Singing “Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley”

He Loved Himself Some Of This

He Loved This Dorky Bunch

He Called #8 “——- Head”

He Had His Own Fashion Sense

His All TIme Favorite and Most Adored Child. Ever. Dibs.

It’s easy to keep hold of the things that matter most.  No matter where he is, his love didn’t leave us.  We can always hold on to that, because it was, and it is.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Love, Your All Time Favorite and Most Adored Child.  Ever.


Thank you cousin for your picture and Google search for images that were not mine.

26 thoughts on “Holding On To What Was And Always Will Be

  1. I hereby award him the Family Gold Medal for meritorious dedication to family…and his favorite “dibs”… Wonderful story… It seems we are all in a retro mood in a way but you honor him on his birthday. Betcha you wish you were born jiat a tad later, huh.


  2. Loved this.I too lost my dad and have wonderful memories of him.Your dad sounds like a winner to me and isn’t it great to know that you were best.The funny thing about guys like that is all their kids feel the same way.Happy Birthday Chatter Master’s Dad.Thanks for the memories.I for one loved them.Blesings


    • Thank you Lexiesnana! Well the others may “feel” that way too, but they would be wrong! Hahahahaha. Just kidding. 🙂 Thank you for the blessings, and may they be returned. We were lucky to have these dads it sounds like.


  3. Oh Colleen, this actually made me a bit sad. I would love to, love to love my father like that – look up to him, respect, admire. I am glad for you, you had this, but it just had me ache a little. Still, whatever, that’d be life…


    • Noeleen I’m very sorry about the way your father treated you. It was a blessing to know our father loved us. I know I am lucky to have had him. So many fathers (and mothers) don’t know the blessings of their own children. And the children suffer.


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