The Gift Of This…

The gift of this day is all of the potential that lies before me when I open my eyes.

The gift of tonight is all of the minutes lived between the potential, the attempted, the failed, and the accomplished, and the closing of my eyes with reflections and thanks.

The gift of this moment is the excitement of having it.


24 thoughts on “The Gift Of This…

      • I have never been a deep thinker … and I have never worried to much. I take things as they comes to me. Reading post like yours – and I wonder why I can’t get things like that in writing.


        • Sometimes I’m sitting there and one word leads me to an entire post. Or one thought gets so many things riled up I can’t focus on just one post and I start and stop many because they don’t form well when I go to write them. It seems like my head never ever stops producing words. Sometimes though…there doesn’t seem to be order to it.


          • I have always loved writing and done since I started to write .. have written so many letters to people I really didn’t know .. names I heard on the radio as a child. I wrote about my thoughts, my sadness, my joy .. and my problems .. my loneliness – and when the letters where written I dumped them and I felt so much better – that was my safety valve. When start moving around our world and travel I wrote letters to friends and home about my adventures and they were up 10 pages. Here with my blog I have a need to write about all my pleasures and some of my guilt.


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