They Should Have Their Say

Okay, I have a confession of sorts.   I don’t know where the world stands on “Mediums”.   I don’t even know where “I” stand on Mediums.   And I don’t mean medium between small and large.  I mean Medium as that Long Island Medium who gets “readings” on/from “dead” people.   I have only just started watching a couple of her shows.  My confession….I think she needs to meet me.

First, I don’t know any Mediums.  Never been to one.   Never planned on going to one.

But now I have to.

And second, she hasn’t met me either. So it’s a win/win.

I am sure if people there can talk to us here, there must be many of them there waiting to say something to me.

I am totally convinced of this.


Well, I do have reasons.

First, many blogs ago I wrote about some beliefs that a person is never truly gone until they are no longer thought about.  I believe it was a Jewish belief I was referring to.  The point being, my ancestors from forever ago are not forgotten because I keep thinking about them and won’t let them rest.  If me thinking about them keeps them “alive” then every single one of them is still roaming about and eager to say “hey”.  Well, unless they’re really tired of hanging around waiting on me.   Maybe I don’t want them to say something to me…..  Maybe I should leave them be….  No, no…  I’m pretty sure they’re pleased as punch I think about them.  Picture them.  Envision the world when they lived in it (hoping it was really nice, by the way).  But I do, think about them and their world.  Their faces.  Their experiences.   I don’t think of history in general terms.  I think of history in very specific to my ancestors terms.

So yeah, there’s that.  I’m thinking they would be jumping all over Ms. Caputo to talk to me.  Not that any of my ancestor’s would be rude or anything.  But maybe, I mean, there might be some pushing and shoving.  But only in the excitement of talking to me.

I’m pretty sure Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, and Grandmother and Grandfather, would all be very respectfully standing at the front of the line.   I’m pretty sure they would have messages for me to give everyone.    Good and classy messages.   Dad’s would be something like “you’re my favorite, but be nice to your brothers and sisters.”    The grandparent sets would most likely have me give some messages to the aunts and uncles.

And then there are a few others who I am certain would demand a voice.

That’s right.

Grace O’Malley.   She would definitely want to speak to me.   I mean, come on, why wouldn’t she?  For crying out loud I laid (layed?) on her bed.   I did.  For real.   I stood in her toilet.  Yes.  It’s true.  I really did.  I have stood where she stood.  Looked out upon what she looked out upon.   And I have decided she needs to speak to me.   In all honesty I would prefer she speak to me through a Medium instead of ambushing me as a ghost in her castle the next time I’m there.   I am fairly non jittery but I would bet if she were to approach me within her castle I might be a little unnerved.  Wait, no, WAIT!   I know exactly  how this needs to happen.  I’m brilliant.   Ms. Caputo needs to go with me to Ireland.  We shall meet in Grace O’Malley’s castle.   And we will see what Grace is bursting to tell me.   Probably that I should inherit her castle.

I would like that.

I am pretty sure a medium who spoke on behalf of the Queen, while sitting in the Queen’s castle, while with me, would have some legal standing in the courts.   Last I heard there was a legal battle over the castle anyway.  We could respect the Queen’s wishes this way.

I think this needs to happen.

And, if I do inherit the castle, you can visit me there!

I’ll keep you updated on any developments.