Like A Pot Luck

I left work early yesterday because I was sick.  So I had me some tea and toast.

Any political ads that attach themselves to the video are not part of my attempts to feel better when I was sick.  Just an FYI political ads do not generally make me feel well, at all.

I had a cup o’ green tea with my “Tea and Toast”.

I didn’t have any intention of giving you a play by play of my day.  But I did have a thought, while I was sick.   It was inspired I’m sure.

The thought:

Live like a pot luck.

I know, brilliant.  Right?

Think about it.   What do you do when you go to a potluck?

You take the dish you are best known for.  You live as positively as you can and people remember you for this.

And people hope that’s what you will bring.  You live as well as you can so that people look forward to being around you to absorb the joy, comfort, or effort you bring to the day.

You make it so often it’s easy to do and you get a little bit of a good feeling knowing everyone is hoping you’ll bring it.  You treat all others how you want to be treated and all others enjoy who you are.  And you are a welcome guest to other’s lives and a valued member of your world.

You know how to make it because you do it so well you don’t have to practice or hope it will be good, you know it will be.   You are who you are because you have decided the best way to live is to live good, happy, healthy and joyfully.  With a constant dash of kindness.

You make enough for all you bring with you, and a little more to share.  You take care of those in your intimate world, and extend this love and care to those who don’t have and know the same world you have.

And when you leave you will be leaving with an empty dish.  You present yourself to the world and do all you can to give to others, present yourself well, and be an active part of filling others needs.  What you give of yourself is helping fulfill other’s needs.   

You fill your plate with the goodness of other’s cooking and efforts.   Your vessel is never empty because you take the love and life others share with you to energize and empower you.


Okay, this was not the only thing I thought about while I was sick.  But it was the second best thing.  The first best thing was thinking how lucky I was that Husband made me dinner and didn’t care that I didn’t do a single thing yesterday.

I’m not sure what others think about when they’re sick.   I usually do start with tea and toast, and go from there.  Now I’m hungry.