Little Blessings

When Daughter #2 was born she was healthy.  Healthy as can be.  And fat.  Lovely.  And fat.  And beautiful.  From day one she sneezed.  A lot.  I can’t tell you how many times a day that child sneezed.  We would immediately douse her with “God Bless Your Littleness” every single time.  Whoever was in ear shot of the sneeze would say it and the blessings rained down around her.

Soon that was shortened to “Bless Your Littleness”

Soon that was shortened to “Bless You Nessie”.

And a nickname was born.  A cute little story.  I love it.  I love thinking that every time we call her “Nessie” we are really saying “God Bless You”.

Now, all these years later she has her own fat little baby.

And she’s mad that he won’t say “Mom” or “Mommy” or any “Maaaaaaaaaaa” sounds that she could pretend is “Mom”.

But the other day, as Nessie is apt to do, she sneezed.

Her Husband said “Bless You”.

And from the mouth of her not yet one year old son comes his first words to her:

“Bless You”.

In essence, saying “Nessie”, which translated to his speak is “Mommy”.

God Bless His Littleness!!!!