You Truly Are Lucky I Love You.

If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t trust you.  If I didn’t trust you I wouldn’t talk to you.  If I didn’t talk to you I wouldn’t be able to tell you everything good in my life.   If I didn’t tell you everything good in my life there would be no point in telling you all of the bad in my life.  If I didn’t tell you everything bad in my life I would not bother complaining about the stupid stuff that doesn’t really matter.  If I didn’t bother letting out the stupid little stuff that really doesn’t matter I would implode.

If I imploded you wouldn’t have me in your life.

Filling it with all of this love.

And everything that comes with it.

So every time I complain and moan I am really saying I love you.

I love you.

You’re welcome.


Honorable mention to Husband and Sara.  

God bless you both.


21 thoughts on “You Truly Are Lucky I Love You.

  1. Isn’t it wonderful being able to “implode” in front of our husbands and they love us anyway. Imagine the alternative? No thanks! Much rather have a soft place to fall. Charming post!


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