There, But For

Have you ever seen something, or someone, or a situation and thought there but for the grace of God,  go I?

I do.  Constantly.

Then, I feel guilty.  Welcome to the workings of my brain.

I’m taking life lessons off of someone’s crisis, or tragedy, or life choices, or life circumstances, or inabilities, or something else that makes someone appear to be suffering.

So, is that a positive?  Or a negative?  On top of something that already appears negative?

If I see something that makes me feel sad or bad for someone else and then think to myself that I need to stop griping about my insignificant problems (by comparison) and it puts me in a place of gratitude for what I do have-is that a positive affect on me?  Or a negative attitude about their situation?

I’m not sure.

And what if someone out there is looking at me and saying there but for the grace of God, go I?

I think I might wonder what in the world they think that for.   I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be upset but I may be perplexed.  Why would anyone feel sorry for me?  Have bad things happened?  Sure.  Have good things happened?  Sure.  Was I promised anything?  No.   Have I gotten everything I wanted?  No.  Have I gotten more than I felt I deserved?  Yes.

I would be surprised if anyone thought this about me.

I wonder how others would feel knowing their circumstance gives others pause and appreciation for their own circumstance.