Let There Be Play!


It should include play.

Play should include make believe and dress up.

Play lets your world fill up with Lala’s.

Men should be able to dress boldly, as boldly as they live.



Sometimes you need to be free to be unknown and hide behind a mask.

Sometimes you can’t help but be seriously cute.

Even when you are at play.

And no matter how old you get.


Should matter.

Daddy’s can dress like Mommy’s and when they suck icing off of their thumb they better hope their Mother In Law doesn’t have a camera pointed right at them.

And no matter how inappropriate, some pictures are funny.

Even if you aren’t sure of the full story.

Play with the bats and the Care Bears!

You can pretend to be other people.

Do you know who these two are wishing they were?

Where warriors can be fierce in battle and kind of heart.

Play so that Gangster’s can dress up in pink and hang out with pirates.

And little kids.

And the women are the fiercest of the genders.

Where Mamo’s can pretend to be Pirate Queen’s who pretend to be chairs.

Play should be full of fun food.

Even if that means the fun part is licked out.

The parts you don’t like left lying around.

And you bring laughter to the masses because the big people who are there to play,

want to do what you just did.

Let there be play I say!

And cake!

Lots of cake!

And sharing of cake!

Fill your heart with play.

Your play with your friends and family.

And win contests for dressing the part!