You Won’t Find Answers Here

I think I’ll go vote today.

It’s my privilege.  My duty.  My honor.

Problem is…I don’t think I’m voting for a leader.  I’m not voting for someone who I feel will give us all of the answers to all of our problems.  But that is exactly what I want, someone who will look for, work towards and be part of-the answer.

I will vote.  I will vote for many reasons.  Firstly because I am free to vote.  And I owe this freedom to thousands and thousands of men and women who have made sure I have this freedom.  The obvious are the soldiers who have died over the centuries to get us, give us, and keep for us this freedom.  But there are many men and women over those centuries and prior to….who had vision and drive to develop this kind of world.  Many of them never getting to see it but none the less believing in it.

They never saw this world, these freedoms.  Or, they died believing in them.  And yet, today we still have a world full of strife and discontent.  But honestly?  When has this world not been full of strife and discontent?

I don’t think my vote is going to be a changing factor in that.

But my life, it well could be.

My life and the millions of others living today-we can be part of the millions who came before us who had a vision and lived in such a way that all of our efforts have been a small part of a collective venture:

To live free and live full.

To live responsibly and to  live determined.

To live with and for meaning.

The best I can do for my country does not just happen on voting day.  It happens every day.  I need to work for my well being and my lively hood.  Work being defined in many ways:  raising a family, parenting children I bring in to this world, earning a living, being respectful of the world around me, working jointly with my partner in the way we decide to live.   I need to earn my way.  Forge my way.  I need to be as independent as possible for myself, and give a little of me to those who need it.

My country, our country, your country, our world is dependent on us to be as independent and forward thinking as possible.  This forward thinking will entail us to see things differently in many regards.  And at the same time, go back to the way things used to be -in hopes to salvage and repair damage done.

I don’t have any answers to solve the crisis and differences in our world.  But for myself I continually look at my little problems and crisis and realize if I cannot find answers to my own dilemmas how do I expect world leaders to come up with answers for world dilemmas.   So I look at my problems and realize I should not depend on someone else to find my answers.  I need to look for and work for my own answers.  I will reach out to my family and friends to assist me, not do for me, though help when offered and needed is appreciated.  I will ask questions, gather the information, and do the best I can.

When I vote today I know I’m not going to get an answer to any problems.  I’m going to get a president that the majority [sic] has voted for.  I expect him to do on a grand scale what we as voters should be doing on a more personal scale.  But if I’m not doing it for myself, how can I expect it of him?  He will have the responsibility to do two things separately: he can look for answers on a personal level and he needs to look for answers on a national level.  In that position (and all political positions) there is a responsibility to find those answers that are best for everyone.  Regardless of answers that will best suit him.  He is taking on a role greater than himself.  I am prayerful that he is up to the task.   I hope he looks for answers, asks questions, compiles information and does what is best for the country.  Because as president he should not be looking for answers that best suit him.   He should be looking for answers that best suit the country.

I hope the best man wins.  If he doesn’t, I hope the man who is voted in does a great job of looking for answers. Implementing solutions.  And being part of a world of change for the good.


Eager Voters

Because they can.

18 thoughts on “You Won’t Find Answers Here

  1. I don’t think either of our choices will solve our national problems. I don’t think any one person can. It is going to take both parties working together, something which hasn’t been happening lately.


  2. Thank you, my fellow American, for your most excellent words and thoughts eloquently presented. Our little family here, I feel, all feel the same. We will all vote for whom we believe would be the best leader. And as you say, whoever wins will find the White House perched atop a tall, narrow plateau – surrounded by a fiscal cliff.

    I wish Congress would see they have created that cliff – but they don’t seem to realize they have fallen off.


  3. I was just discussing this with my spouse. It appears our current and next president are trying to find solutions to fix the problems which have come about by those living irresponsibly.
    Perhaps this is a good lunch time discussion.
    Love your thoughts!!!!!!!!
    And thank you


  4. Voting … haven’t done it for over 20 years, first because I lived abroad and even if I could vote in Sweden, I didn’t do it, because I didn’t think it was right that me living somewhere else in the world should vote about how Sweden should be govern. After that I came back … I can’t find a party that has a program or a promise that speaks for me. So I didn’t vote last election. Good luck to America.
    I know how I would be voting for it and it wouldn’t be Romney.
    They showed the little video with the little Abigail, 4 years old … on our TV News … she was crying because she was so feed up with both Obama and Mitt. I can understand here, I live in Sweden and I’m feed up too.


    • I saw that video as well. It was both adorable and disturbing. The campaigning is getting on my nerves as well. I’m disturbed by the money and energy going in to these campaigns. It would be different if the campaigns were educating us. But I feel it is more of a soap opera, with fingers pointing and blame being assigned.

      I hope who ever wins is an honorable, dedicated and solution seeking man.


    • Yes, we got there “early”, right before the doors opened and the line was already formed and it stayed busy with more coming in. On Sunday afternoon! It was very encouraging. People are taking on this responsibility and it speaks well for Americans. They do care.


  5. After reading JEFFREY TOOBIN’S BOOK, “NINE,” about the Supreme Court, I realized how important the president is from the standpoint of electing new justices to decide on the laws that the rest of us have to live by.

    If you have any question about whether or not to vote, think of your vote going to assure the direction of the court that makes the laws you will have to obey.


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