Without A Cup-Take Your Chance

You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

Prompted I am.


Favorite thing:  coffee.

Justification:    you deal with me with out it.


I drink it for your well being.

You are welcome.  I do what I do for you and all of mankind.

49 thoughts on “Without A Cup-Take Your Chance

  1. Favorite person : My wife Justification: If you read this blog you know known is needed
    Favorite place: Ireland Justification: The world needs a slice of heaven on earth
    Favorite thing: Books Justification: Books can take you anywhere, in any time period


    • Hahahaha! I didn’t even start drinking coffee until I was FORTY TWO!!!! So I’m a short timer as far as coffee goes, but I sure love it…. I don’t like NOT having it and I don’t like being told to limit it (so I don’t).

      🙂 Enjoy that nice aroma and flavor KS (Kindred Spirit).


  2. TJ Maxx
    Things for me, all my immediate and extended family , my home; good Xmas gifts found there;
    Great prices; great get away and afternoon pick me up ( instead of chocolate) low fat, low carb treat!
    Healthier than drugs


    • “Someone” I like that you focus on health and well being. And that family, shopping and good deals are part of that. 😉 But you know I don’t like shopping! But I would go for the fun of being with you.


  3. Seriously… I had my gall bladder taken out early this year. I was allowed NOTHING from 6 PM the night before. The surgery was at 3 PM. My head was THROBBING from no coffee by the time they put me under. My oldest daughter was with me before, during and after (just in case I made a pass at the nurse…a male one at that) and she said the first thing I wanted after waking up was…. coffee.

    Husband, I shall send you a package of instant Starbucks coffee for self-preservation. 🙂


  4. Brilliantly said … read this on somebody else profile too – she had chosen her husband.
    Have to think about this .. if I should take it on or not .. because …. my favorite person is …
    maybe I will tell you.


  5. Glad for me you drink coffee! 🙂 I love the smell- but it tastes like cigarette butts to me (not that I’ve ever tasted a cigarette butt). I’m more of a hot chocolate girl.


    • 🙂 I’m with you on what coffee “used” to taste like for me. I always loved the smell of coffee. Made it for my parents when I was growing up. Could never stomach the taste of it. Woke up one morning when I was 42, told Husband I had to start drinking coffee. I have no idea why. I started wtih an Iced Capp at Tim Horton’s and now drink coffee daily.


      • I may someday get to that point too. But for now, I’ll enjoy my creame 25 Tablespoons of sugar with a little bit of coffee. 🙂


        • That’s why I started with an iced capp. I tried so many times to “like” coffee. And could NOT. Until the day I woke up and knew I had to have it. I must have been aware of a shift within my taste system. 😉 Enjoy your sugary creme!


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