Don’t Do It!!!!!

Tell us about something you’ve done that you would advise a friend never to do.

Since you asked, I will tell you.

Don’t get married at the age of 18.

Don’t believe a man who approaches you and your other young female friends and believe him when he says he is in a college fraternity and has to “flash” someone as part of a prank.   (Sadly, I believed him.  But I didn’t look.)

Don’t let dogs knock you off of your bike.

Don’t let deer babies knock you off of your bike.

Don’t let your husband convince you that riding your bike on ice is a good idea.

Don’t put scalding hot coffee/soup/any food item in your mouth thinking you can hold it in floating fashion until it cools off.

Don’t work for someone who tells you you have to give them a day for free so they can see how good a job you do.

Don’t lick a knife.

Don’t eat liver.

Don’t ignore your health and well being.

Don’t start a blog if you have addictive tendencies.

Don’t forget to take the trash out of your car during the summer after you’ve eaten Taco Bell.   Or leave a banana peel in your trash can at work and go on a two week vacation (sorry).

Don’t wish away your life.

Don’t forget to say your prayers if you’re prayerful.

Don’t forget to be kind.

Don’t wait to do what you love.

Don’t think there aren’t a bajillion things I could put on this list.   These are just the one’s I’m going to share.   Oh yeah, don’t share the things on social networking sites that you don’t want people to know or comment on.

43 thoughts on “Don’t Do It!!!!!

  1. I did that work a day for free crap for a parcel delivery company. I got stuck with a guy who did nothing but tell me what I need to do with my life. After three hours of listening to this guy over and over I went right up to the manager when we came back to the hub, threw the hat he gave me in his face, walked out, and went home. Ever since then whenever I hear that they want me to work a day for free I run out there as if everyone in the place has the plague.


  2. Great list! Could identify with most of the “dont’s.” Especially leaving Taco Bell trash in my car and not waiting to do what I love. Life is too darn short to stop chasing your dreams! Oh, and the liver thing. You’ll never catch me cooking liver and onions for myself or my family!


  3. Don’t leave home without making sure all loose nose thingies are gone!
    Don’t drink and drive
    Don’t get your wallet/purse out when a stranger asks for money
    Don’t belch out loud when you think no one is around,…someone is always around
    Don’t bring tuna casserole to work for lunch


  4. Don’t preach about being assertive, then you’re still sitting (3 hours later) with the the old lady next door as she’s telling you her life story (and you’ve just missed 3 appointments).


  5. Colleen, I thought getting married at 18 was bad enough (me at 19! And you’ve stayed the course – you are awesome 🙂 ) – but ‘riding your bike on ice’ – what THE?!

    You’re hilarious, the way you deliver your word. I love your posts, Colleen. They are ‘post de jour’



  6. Very good advice … but I will eat liver !!!! One thing I will not do for sure .. is wish my life away. And I will not get a husband that to convince me about anything. *smile – brilliant post again.


      • Just in jest, of course… ignoring the photos of your bleeding legs, stubbed toes, snapping of pictures while cycling – over your shoulder, in fact… Blahaha

        But I am glad you appear to be OK. (You what just ain’t right? You cannot play the word “OK” as a word in WordFeud but on some of the little windows that pop up in the same game, there is a box for “OK”).


  7. Good list, but I am one of the lucky ones, I married at 18 and now 33 yrs later still happily married, but that said, I did push for my son and daughter to go to college first {now we can’t get daughter out – she is getting her second degree and going into nursing, specializing in pediatric nursing}, my only regret in life is that I never went to college, although hubby has been supportive in my taking classes when we can afford it. Thank you for giving me permission not to eat liver – now I can say honestly say I was told not to eat it! LOL


    • You are welcome about the liver then. YOu have inspired me for my blog tonight. I hope I can pull it off.

      I admire people who marry and stay in for the long haul. If they are happy! Which you truly sound like you are.

      I know one lady who did NOT even like her husband. Stayed because her church does not accept divorce. But she and he are both miserable. That makes me sad.

      I love talking to people I meet because of my job, people who have been married over SEVENTY years! I love their stories.


      • I could not agree with you more. It also makes me sad when people stay together for whatever reason and both are miserable, the children are miserable and no one wins. I cannot imagine being married for 70 yrs!! WOW The couple who work with me have been married 60 yrs – they are such a cute couple and she is full of wisdom and good advice.


    • LOL. My dad REFUSES to eat liver – as that’s all the US government gave them for the first month at the Pinedale Assembly Center before being sent to Tule Lake. Liver and scrambled (powdered) eggs for breakfast, liver sandwiches for lunch and liver and mashed potatoes for dinner! 😉


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