31 thoughts on “Only Little So Brief

  1. I have to trust your word, Colleen. Because you’ve already experienced the toddler years and your children are grown now. But I have to admit, my current phase of life feels like molasses. A slow drip! Still, I will try to relish in the little moments as best as I can.


  2. So sweet. I remember one day when I walked into our sun room and found my daughter, who was 1 1/2 at the time, drawing on the walls with a crayon. She thought she was making the room more beautiful.


    • I so vividly remember that night. Her daddy was working a night shift. I chose to sleep in her room on the floor so she wouldn’t be in there alone (I had a terrible fear of kidnapping). And we were sitting on a big old comforter playing and her little hand was there, so I took the picture next to my hand. *****sigh*****


  3. So true but there is something to be said for adult children too…each phase has its own treasures. But there is nothing like being hugged by little arms! 🙂


    • Thanks Stephy. And …uh….I’m glad I know about your blog now!!! 🙂 I got hung up on the little things too often. But did learn some lessons. And do treasure the moments where I was lost in the littleness of their worlds.


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