The Last Words

The last words of my last blog.

My last blog and testament if you will.

To all:

I have left you many secrets and confusing thoughts.

I hope when you have a nice peaceful moment of your own you read some of my blogs looking for the hidden truths.  The secrets I have alluded to.   And spend some moments chasing the dream.

Not mine.


You never know what treasures I might lead you to.   As others have helped me along my hunt for treasures.

They are every where!

You can learn from me.  You can laugh at me.  You can cry because of me.  You can roll your eyes at me.

But you have to read all of my blogs to know the secrets!

Happy secret finding, treasure searching, life fulfilling days to you!

Life is worth living well enough that you want to write about it.

See ya later!

I’m sliding in to home base with my champagne/diet Coke/coffee in hand saying  I MADE IT!


PS…. I am not ending my blog.   This is just a response to a Daily Prompt suggesting we write one last post before we stop writing forever.  Which means I would be dead.

But I’m not.   Dead that is.  Living and loving it.  And writing about it.

41 thoughts on “The Last Words

  1. This Prompt thing .. goes over my head, and sometimes I don’t have a clue about what my friends here are writing about. And some I don’t want to understand like this .. one. *laughing – because I want you around maybe not for ever … but for a good while yet. *smile


  2. Phew! For a minute there, I was convinced you were going to close down shop. Thanks the clarification. Now back to the basement. You grabbed three of my favorite things. Might I join you and bring some chocolate too? 🙂


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