Thankful Without Thanksgiving

Quite a few weeks ago my daughters and I firmed up our plans for Thanksgiving Day dinner.  Thanksgiving day.  Daughter’s house.  We all cook stuff.   We eat.

Then we found out my niece/their cousin had to work a twelve hour nursing shift on Thanksgiving.

It took ten seconds of discussion to decide to have dinner on Friday so she could join us.   Wait, son-in-law has to work.  What time does he get off of work?  Then we will have dinner ready when he gets off of work and we will all have dinner together.

And for our consideration of others God thanked us.

By giving us today.

He Gave Us The Sun.

And The Moon.

To enjoy at the same time.

Beautiful Country.

Rails To Trails.

And Bikes To Ride.


This day is good.

I’m very thankful without even having had my Thanksgiving.