Nothing Brilliant…..

…….at all.

Not here.  Not today.  But I need to exercise my fingers.  Wordpress you are my finger’s pushups and crunches today.

The longer I spend in my house without leaving it the more reason I find to stay in my house and not leave it.

Why, when using ‘WordPress’ does ‘WordPress’ come up with the little red squiggly line.   Today’s  red pen of yesterday’s school marm, telling us that ‘WordPress’ is spelled wrong.

After all of these years it IS best, and acceptable, to wear sweat pants or work out pants to eat a Thanksgiving meal.  As contradictory as that may seem.

Cheese to macaroni ratio in homemade macaroni and cheese should be 3 to 1.

Some macaroni with that cheese?

I miss cooking.

I miss eating thoughtlessly.

Smoked turkey is pretty damn good.

I have no idea how I function working a 40 hour week and getting anything else done.

I don’t get anything else done when I work a 40 hour week.

I cuss more than ten people combined when trying to do something I am not good at.

I have no patience (hence the cussing).

What a nut roll is, and how have I missed them my entire life.

Thanksgiving meal can be had without one single vegetable on the table.  Potatoes do not count.  Celery and onion in the stuffing do not count.

A room full of small children is a constant source of entertainment to adults who love them.

There are a lots of people who do lots of things for the joy of, the ethic of, the love of, the necessity of, the pleasure of doing it.  Regardless of whether there is a pay off or not.

I have things to go buy but I have no desire to go buy them.  Today.  Or anytime in the next month.

I have to get out of the house.

I’ll try to pick up some brilliance while I’m out shopping and cussing.