Accolades For Getting The World To Talk

This is likely only to be of great interest to bloggers.   Anyone else who reads past here will have this post self destruct after  this sentence.  Don’t believe me?  Then try to read past right………………..


Are you still here?


I warned you.   This is a wonderful thing that bloggers share.  So if you don’t get it, well, start your own blog and you might.

When you have a group of people who do the same thing as you, and they appreciate how you do this thing, and they tell you so-it’s pretty wonderful feeling.   Don’t a bunch of football people vote for their favorite players and coaches every year?   And don’t a bunch of acting people vote for the best actors and dramas every year?  And don’t singers vote for the greatest singers of the year?  You get the idea.  It means a lot when those who do, what you do, vote for you.

Even if the vote doesn’t get us fame and fortune like those actors.  And singers.  And a few of those football players.

But who among us doesn’t get a thrill when we turn on the computer, head to the email and find notifications in our mailbox telling us that someone read, and liked, something we wrote.   Then, remember the first time someone actually commented on something you wrote?  Yeah, pretty nice.

Then, out of the blue, someone tells you that you won an award.

A what?

An award.

That’s right.  Someone, from anywhere in the world, sends you accolades because they appreciate something you wrote.

Something I wrote.

I wrote.

They read.

And they appreciate it.

That is why we like those little statistics that build up.   It isn’t the number.  It’s the people who take the time across the world to click on your written words.   And read them.  Somewhere.   Anywhere.  In the world.  People are reading your written word.

And talking to you about it.  You have initiated communication about something.

And you are part of the world talking.

Bloggers….we should be getting awards.

Kudos to all of us!

If we can manage to talk, be civil, and discuss our differences, why can’t everyone else?

We set a great example.   Often times it takes courage to write, and expose yourself, your skill level.

I have not been lazy about these awards.  I had to wait until I had time off to do this proper justice.  It takes a lot of work to accept these awards.  And I think it is worth it.  I apologize in advance if I bore you with some of my answers.   I will try to be witty…however, that is a huge risk.   For me who may fail at it.   And you who may (mistakenly) look forward to it.

Please hold your applause until the end when all new nominated great blogs will be revealed.   Take deep breaths.

One Lovely Blog Award from Deep and Wonderful Thoughts.

One Lovely Blog Award from Little Miss Wordy.

I received this award from two different bloggers but since the guidelines are the same I will combine them.

1.  Thank them:   thanks Deep and Wonderful Thoughts!   thanks LittleMissWordy!

2.  List/Tell 7 things about myself my followers may not know about me.

In all honesty if  you have read all of my blogs you probably know everything about me.   If you haven’t read all of posts there are over 1100 of them.   So what I will tell you instead are 7 things about me that I would like to do if life cooperates/cooperated enough for me to make them happen.  Or things I look forward to.  Or yeah, maybe some things you don’t know about me.  I have no idea what will come out of the ends of my fingertips.

1. I would pay money to anyone who read every single one of my blogs.  In one sitting.  In one day.  (Remember, I don’t have the money for this now.   But if I ever did, I would.)

2.  When I was growing up I always said I would never want to have to write for a living.  But I have now decided I wouldn’t mind if people just gave me lots of money for my writing.

3.  I’ve never been to Disney.   That will soon change.

4.  I am fascinated by genius.   Literal genius.  It’s like I can sense it about a person.  And I want that.

5.  Sometimes I don’t want to work out.  I do it anyway.

6.  I do not like talking on the phone.   At all.   Ever.

7.  I usually can not walk in to the bathroom at work, without leaving with a song in my head.  If no one is around I am usually humming, singing or whistling by the time I open the door to walk out.  Don’t judge me.

3.  Nominate 15 other bloggers.

The Leibster Award from Little Miss Wordy.

If I understand correctly this may be for up and coming bloggers.   Which, technically I am not, or am.  I’m not sure.   I’ve had my blog for over 3 years.   But I have slowly had people join me for the ride.   I’ve never been Fresh Pressed (which I used to on my gosh hope for….now it scares the crap out of me).   So all of you fantastic readers have found me on your own.    But I’ll answer the questions!

1. If you could give your 13-year-old self one piece of advice, what would it be?    I have to limit it to one?!  Join the Army like you wanted to!

2. Are you a social butterfly or a wallflower?   Wallflower.  I just wish I had been comfortable with this earlier.

3. How do you feel about roller coasters?   Woot Woot!

4. Hardest part of blogging?   I think it is the beginning of the world getting to know it’s self.  One blog at a time.  One reader at a time.

5. What time of day are you most likely to blog?   Somewhere between 12 a.m. and 12 a.m.

6. Favorite musical artist?  The one who I can sing to at the moment.  The one who makes me feel they are singing about my life. 

7. What song do you not necessarily like but can’t help but sing along to?  I can’t remember the title to it and if I go look it up it will be stuck in my head so I’m ignoring this one.  

8. Favorite Actor?   “Favorite” is too limiting.  I like a lot of them.  Is that a cop out?  Sorry.  Can’t button that one down.

9. Do you consider yourself a dog or cat person?   No.

10. How do you take your coffee?  In a travel mug.

11.What is your favorite childhood memory?   Christmas.

12. What is your favorite article of clothing and why?   Sweater(s) from Ireland.

13. What is the best party you’ve ever been to?   I don’t want to say and then offend someone who thought their party was my favorite.

14. Do you like bananas? Why or why not?  Yes.  They are good.

15. What could you spend hours doing, but you are afraid to tell others you enjoy?  This is a trick way to ask for a secret.  I won’t be tricked!

16. What is your least favorite food?   Liver.   

17. Do you watch New Girl? It is the best comedy on television and should be watched by everyone.   Saw it once.  Have it recorded.  No time to get to yet.  I will, don’t get upset.

18. What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?    Grace O’Malley.  Grannia.  You should look her up.

19. What is your favorite scary movie?    I don’t know.  It’s been eons since I’ve watched one.  Probably because they scare me and I’d rather laugh.

20. Are you a Harry Potter fan? Why or why not?   No.  No offense Harry, I just couldn’t get past the first page.

21. What is your favorite Halloween candy? If you don’t celebrate Halloween, just your fave candy. If you do it has to be one of those candies you only get at Halloween (i.e. Smarties, Sugar Daddies, Pixie Stix, Krackel Bars, etc).    Kitkats.

I’m not sure how many bloggers I’m suppose to recommend here.

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award from ArtisticMilestone.

The Rules :
If you are one of the nominees for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award you must do the following:
▪               Post the award logo on your blog.
▪               Complete the phrase : “ A great reader is…”
▪               Answer the 8 following questions below.
▪               Nominate bloggers you think deserves this award.
▪               Contact the bloggers you nominate to let them know and to link them back to your post so they can read “The Rules,” too.

A great reader is someone who reads.  Sorry, it’s that simple.  As a reader I know that I look forward to being surprised, intrigued, taught, humored,encouraged, and  emotionally charged in some way.  Maybe that’s the thing about a great reader-you look forward to connecting with the words, the sentiments, and learning more about the world or about yourself.  Or both.

The 8 questions:

1.  Why do you blog:  quite simply I love the physical act of writing and the mental act of writing.

2.  If you were trapped on a desert island, what book, DVD, food, cartoon character, and childhood game would you bring:   a blank book, DVD of 1000 songs, enough food, King Triton, and Red Rover Red Rover (because if I take the game that means I  need teams of at least 10 each and the island will no longer be deserted.  I’m a thinker like that.)

3.   Share a funny joke or one-liner:  I got nothing.

4.   What is your favorite thing about yourself?   I’m learning that I don’t have to live in a box in my head.

5.   What one word best describes you?   Unknown.

6.  If you could have a lifetime supply of any candy/candy bar, what would it be?  Peppermint Patties.

7.   What fictional character do you relate to most?   The Beast.

8.   If you were to write the story of your life, what would you call it?   I Don’t Want To Talk

I believe 5 were nominated when I got this award.

Blog Of The Year Award from The Heretic.

The “Blog of the Year” is a unique award in that you accumulate stars.

Here are the rules for this award:

1 Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award

2 Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ them with their award.

3 Please include a link back to this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award – and include these ‘rules’ in your post (please don’t alter the rules or the badges!)

4 Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the ‘rules’ with them.

5 You can now also join our Facebook group – click ‘like’ on this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award Facebook group and then you can share your blog with an even wider audience.

6 As a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award – and then proudly display the award on your blog and sidebar … and start collecting stars…

Yes – that’s right – there are stars to collect!

Unlike other awards which you can only add to your blog once – this award is different!

When you begin you will receive the ‘1 star’ award – and every time you are given the award by another blog – you can add another star!

There are a total of 6 stars to collect.

Which means that you can check out your favourite blogs, and even if they have already been given the award by someone else, then you can still bestow it on them again and help them to reach the maximum 6 stars!

Blogs that I recommend for the awards above:

Musako and Spam Musubi

Bridges Burning

Reinventing The Event Horizon


Born By A River

The Simple Life Of A Country Man’s Wife

Teachable Moments

My Guilty Pleasures

Comedy In Crisis

A Hundred Years Ago

Twat Kickers

Life With Liam

Granny’s Colorful

Free Your Mind

The Daily Prompt

The Heretic



Deep and Wonderful Thoughts

Words Fall From My Eyes

This is the longest blog I have ever written.  Bloggers I can only thank you for all you share and give.  It’s truly a gift from you to all of us when you share your thoughts, your creations, your ventures out in to the world.  I am entertained.  I am learning.   I am discovering.   I’m encouraged to think, to discuss and to broaden.  These awards are not just a token.   When I read your words, I appreciate you the person, sitting where ever you are, writing for me.

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35 thoughts on “Accolades For Getting The World To Talk

  1. Nessie says:

    I am still appalled that you do not like Harry Potter.

    • I only tried for you! :)

      • WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

        I don’t like Harry Potter either, Colleen – well, not the written books. I have taken Daniel to the pics with his mates & so seen a few episodes, but my interest isn’t fully engaged. Still, very imaginative.

        CONGRATS on getting the world talking, & your award :) 6 stars in 60 seconds, you’re worth.

        By the way, I clicked on Twat Kickers that you’ve listed – what a name for a blog!! :)

        • I was hoping no one would be offended by that blog title! I love it! :) And Thanks for the nice words.

          My daughter just loves old Harry, I bought her his newest book for her birthday every year. She wanted so badly for me to read them. So I bought cheap paper copies for me. I could not get in to it AT all. So I gave the copies (mine) away.

  2. bornbyariver says:

    thanks for the props! I’m about 6 months behind in award acceptances, but know that your support and readership mean so very much to me.

    • You are very welcome. I kept these in my email for months as well. I still haven’t figured out everything about them. It’s wonderful that people come up with them and take the time to promote them. I’m thankful for your writing and sharing.

  3. Yaz says:

    Thank you Colleen! I’ll put it on my awards page and get to the details when I get time. I very much appreciate you putting me on your list!

  4. ferragudofan says:

    congratulations on all of your awards – and I love the sense of fun you have introducing them all – sometimes I wait and bunch mine up into a post too and then you suddenly realise you have ’37 questions about me’ to write answers to and I usually give up at that point! ;)
    off to explore your blog! ….

    • ;) If a blogger reads this they do get it don’t they? I did exactly that. I had to wait until I had time, and then I needed MORE time. I think it took me three hours plus to do this! Thank you very much. I hope you enjoy your exploring. I will be checking out your blog after I get my next Thanksgiving dinner foods started. :)

  5. artisticmilestone says:

    Please talk talk talk talk talk ! just kidding :) I just find it funny that you entitled your life ” I don’t want to talk. “

  6. bikebrown says:

    This is my favorite blog of yours because I learned something about you I never knew. Thanks for sharing.

  7. msampson999 says:

    I’m going t assume your favorite party was my Murder Mystery Birthday Party. Assumed.

  8. Congrats! I don’t like Harry Potter either and thank you!!

  9. Congratulations, Colleen! You deserve every award bestowed on you by fellow bloggers. I loved learning more about you in the Q & A session. Especially fun to learn that you’re a wallflower and love peppermint patties. I was born an introvert and happen to love Junior Mints too. I knew I liked for a reason! :)

    • Thanks Anka. We have that special connection then! :) I don’t “get” to be a wall flower. I prefer it. But I don’t get to. People think I’m “mad” if I’m quiet and observing. It’s what I prefer. Ah well…..

  10. Wow, that’s a whole lot of awards. And a really long post, to go with it. Kudos to you that you gave each of them the honor they deserve. :) And yes, I get you. I also wouldn’t mind being paid money to write. In fact, that’s what I’m hoping for, and one of the reasons I started my blog. Oh, and if you want to pay me to read your whole blog in one day, I charge only $50, by Paypal. ;)

  11. What a wonderful post and thanks so much for the shout out! If I had dough you would be rolling in it for every wonderful word you write. What an excellent job!

  12. lexiesnana says:

    Wow Colleen! You are one of my favorite bloggers and I will read all of your blogs and you don’t even have to pay me.I just need to wait for Christmas vay cay.

  13. Congratulations – I did not know I knew a celebrity!! :) You deserved them all. Blessings, Patty

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