I’m Not God….

…..but I can make my own tree.

It’s not done yet.

Is a tree ever really completed?

I suspect they grow until they die.

Kind of like our ears.

Because of my adult onset of stupid allergies,

I find it hard to have live trees in the house.

But artificial just wasn’t the same.

So if I couldn’t have a real tree,

at least I can have a wooden tree.

I still have to figure out a way to get the rest of the lights on.

I haven’t made the star yet.

And I still have faces to put on the tree.

I put some of my favorite ornaments on for now.

The whole point of the tree was to cover it in ornaments,

With faces on it.

Happy faces.

Of faces I love.

So the tree will grow every year with more faces.

And more love.

So, I make trees.

What do you make?




It should be noted that Husband has the patience of a saint.

33 thoughts on “I’m Not God….

  1. Wow! Super creative. When did you make this tree? Was it recent? I’m embarrassed to admit the only thing I make well is a fierce pot of coffee. I’ve become very adept at brewing a cup of joe since having children.


    • We’ve been working on it for a few days. My children are no longer “little” so I have that little bit of time to do these things. There’s no embarrassment in making great kids! πŸ™‚


  2. I make yarn out of fiber, socks and hats out of yarns, sculptures out of scraps of paper, quilts out of bits of fabric, stories from words, meals out of nothing.
    I make trees and other plants grow, make my animals feel cared for, make my family feel loved, make the world a better place at every chance I get.
    I make myself go on when times get tough. I make people laugh!
    Over and out, for now.
    The creativity is brilliant.


    • Now that I know what provoked the swearing, I might (MIGHT) be able to do it sans swearing as well. πŸ™‚ I can’t wait until it’s done. Though after reading the Heretics suggestion, I may not get fully done until after Christmas when I incorporate his suggestion! Glad you like it! πŸ™‚ Hugs returned!


  3. I have a suggestion for the lights. You could probably drill some holes and weave the cords of lights through the tree, kind of like stitch-work (I think that is what it is called?), have the lights go strung around the profile of the tree on each side. Kind of like patchwork I guess…if that made any sense? Haha!


    • You are brilliant. I think I may just try that. Though that will entail taking the tree down again. And this poor tree has already been cursed enough for one year. πŸ™‚ I think I will wait until I take it down to do that. But I really like that idea. Thank you! And it made complete sense!


    • This tree is marvellous, Colleen -and Michael, I love your idea πŸ™‚ This is so sweet! I’m feeling Christmas in the air!!


    • He is perfect! Though I don’t think he wants perched up there… I did make a Snowman that resembled him last year (out of wood). Maybe I could make a likeness that would do. πŸ˜‰


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