My Choice

If I got to choose the way things should be in life and my choices all ended up having great consequences/end results…

I would choose to incorporate 4 hour work days.  Maybe four times a week.  (If I have to give a reason it’s because I find it very odd that the bulk of our lives is spent away from our family.   When our life time is limited it seems a silly state of being to be living our lives without spending our lives living.   Go ahead, reread it, it will make sense.)

I would choose for work for all of us to be meaningful and productive, benefiting self, community and life.

I would choose to eat healthy and not feel gluttonous cravings for things that don’t nourish me and make me feel great.

I would choose to be happy over sad most times.  But on occasion recognize sad feelings because without sad what is happy?

I would choose to be a great dancer, a fantastic singer, an artist extraordinaire who not only loves the ability of these gifts but shares them joyfully with a dancing, singing and colorful world.

I would choose for everyone to have to do the best they can, at what they can.  For themselves and one another.  (Face it, how we are, affects how others are.)

I would choose for there to be no war.

I would choose for us to appreciate our own culture, be curious about other’s cultures, not fear others cultures, or try to impose our culture on others.  And I would choose for all of us to act like this.   (As simple as this is, if we all did act like this wouldn’t there be no need for war?  Or hate.)

I would choose for us to have the ability to see a person’s worth when we look at someone else.

I would choose for everyone to have the benefit of unexpected surprises (Trip to Ireland?  A surprise chocolate gooey cake?  A new bike?  Disney?  Someone planted you a surprise flower garden!  A picnic under purple sky with shiny stars flashing furiously above?   Oh the possibilities! )

I would choose, not for perfection, but for us to react perfectly.

I would choose, not for problems to never be, but for us to never be without a helping hand, comfort, and support.

I would choose to recognize that I have the ability to make choices.  And shape consequences.

24 thoughts on “My Choice

  1. I’d choose to be thin, be able to eat junk from dawn till dusk without a blip on the health warning radar, always clean so I didn’t have to shower, have make-up that puts itself on…oh Colleen, what are we doing HERE???!!!


    • We are choosing wonderful thoughts for fun (and for actual possibilities!)

      I absolutely LOVE your always be clean choice!!! I would like to borrow that one as well. So much time devoted to getting clean. 😉


  2. Beautiful! I love the line, “I would choose not for perfection, but for us to react perfectly.” I could definitely relate to this because I’ve struggled with the perfectionist spirit for some time. But so much of life really does depend on HOW we react. Enjoyed this one, Colleen!


  3. Hi,
    Love your post. 🙂
    I would choose for people to do positive things to and for others as they would want to have done to and for themselves. 😉
    Have a great weekend.


  4. You already do ALOT of these already. We all have the ability to choose most of these. Perhaps by watching those like yourself, your choices become others’ choices!
    Very nice and thank you!


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