It Is Written

It was suggested that having some experience I should now go back and re-write my first post.



How does one re-write what is written.

It’s there.  It’s done.  I can’t do it.

Daily Prompt how you torment me so.

So many things shout at me to re-write.  Re-do.  Yell for a do-over.

My OCD regulations tell me, alas, that I cannot.

My apologies you temptress slash tempter.

I must let it stand in all of it’s blandness.  I’m not even giving you a link to it!

But I chuckle at your silliness in thinking I can!


26 thoughts on “It Is Written

  1. Good for you! I wouldn’t want to go back and rewrite my history either, no matter how tempting. It’s how I got where I am today. Rich, famous… oh, wait… that’s not me. 😉


  2. If only I had read your response before attempting my own. I most likely would have taken the same route I did, but I hadn’t even considered the type of humor/retort/disinclination to acquiesce to their request and it would have helped me see the prompt in a different light. Alas, all I’m left with now is this 20/20 hindsight knowledge.


    • Ahhhhh, I am just getting to read some blogs so now I have to go check yours out. Your response made me chuckle. I didn’t realize I was classy enough to be able to have a “disinclination to acquiesce”. I thought I had just not complied to the expected answers. 😉 (It took me three times to get that out!).

      🙂 Thank you!


  3. WHY A BLOG?

    I don’t have any wisdom to share.  But I have lots of questions I hope someone with wisdom can answer.  I thought about using a blog for tirades because that seems a bit safer than actually going on a tirade, verbally, in someone’s face.  And I don’t really want to be a tirade-ish person.  I am not a humorous writer so anyone reading this will likely be laughing at me and I wouldn’t have a clue.  But that’s okay.  Laughing is good.  I love to write….good reason to blog.  I love to read…..good reason to read blogs.  I love thought exchange.  Idea process.  Okay.  This officially ends my first blog.   No creativity.  Just a test and a task.  All other blogs will be ideas, questions, concerns, love and angst.  Okay, now this officially ends my first blog.  The first I wrote that, I was obviously wrong.
    HAHA see I found with a little perserverence and no it does not have to be rewritten!


  4. I went back to one of my first ones, and deleted it instead of re-writing! You can’t go back and be that person. That’s what growth is, and we grow through this writing.


    • I know I didn’t “change” my very first post. But I may have taken it down because it was so bad. At the bottom of my page you can scroll all the way down and it takes you to the very first month, if you run the mouse over it it tells you the first post that is there…..but I’m pretty sure it’s not the first one I wrote. I’ll have to check. 🙂

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