Whatdya Mean The World Is Ending!?

I keep forgetting that there is a belief going on out in the world these days that the world is going to end in a couple of weeks.

I can’t even remember the day.

What ?  December 21st?   Sorry, it needs to reschedule there’s a sibling birthday that day.

I truly keep forgetting.

Then I read something about it and I am reminded.  I’d rather forget about it again.  I probably will forget about it again after I write this so that it reminds you of it again.  Sorry.

First, if the world is going to end there is not a stinking thing we can do about it.

Second, if the world is going to end why they heck is everyone making plans for holidays.

Third, if the world is going to end why are 2013 calenders being made.   And sold.  Why are people buying them!

Fourth, if the world is going to end why is everyone still going to work and still paying their bills.

Fifth, if the world is going to end why are we still worried about some fiscal cliff.

Sixth, if the world is going to end why are we still worried about retirement and the all life sapping bloody hell insurance benefits of retirement?

Seventh, if the world is going to end why are we bothering to fight and have wars and other stupid stuff.   Duh.  Pointless.

Eighth, if the world is going to end why is Husband planning a two week biking trip without me for summer 2013.

Ninth, if the world is going to end why are people stockpiling stuff to survive.  Isn’t the end – the end?

Tenth, if the world is going to end who the hell is (pardon) is going to keep reading my blog!

And just to let you know, the world is not going to end just because I chose to not use question marks at the end of the above questions.  I promise.  If it does end 

It is not my fault!

46 thoughts on “Whatdya Mean The World Is Ending!?

  1. If it ends then you won’t make your biking goal for the year and you are so close.
    If it tends then I’ll loose all my accumulated sick days at work.
    If it ends the at least we will go out together.


  2. The world is always going to end, always will be going to end and never stop going to end. When I was a little girl, living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, around the year 1958 or so, I remember seeing a man on a box, in back of the bank and other stores, in a parking lot, hollering about the world coming to and end, and that we must repent. I found it a bit frightening, but also wondered how he knew!
    Going back in history, folks have always threatened with the end of the world. It may happen. But in the meantime, I’m not listening, and I think it’s best if we live our lives in the dark, not knowing, otherwise, our own personal worlds would most certainly come to and end, if for no other reason, to save ourselves from some imaginable horror.


    • Darylann, I fully agree we don’t “know” and shouldn’t “know”. There is an “end” to everything we know. But we don’t know when that end is. None of us do. Knowing that there is “an” end we all manage to live daily. We need to carry on doing just that. 🙂


  3. I know this is completely unrelated, but I always wanted to go to Hell, Michigan in the middle of a snowstorm to make a news style video. 😀

    For my thoughts on the end of the world see the song “Earache My Eye”.


    • Michigan in the middle of a snowstorm? I had never considered this but on reflection I bet it would be rather nasty! I can see you out there in the blizzard with all of the people at home yelling at the TV wondering why the news crew thinks they should be standing in those conditions thinking the camera and microphone will insulate them from insane weather. 🙂

      I listened to, and looked for the lyrics of “Earache My Eye”. Why is it without knowing you, I chuckled and totally got this? 🙂


  4. It better not end on the 21st. I’ve got plans beyond that date! And if it does, I’ll go through with them anyhow. Who’s gonna stop me?

    Great post, Colleen. 🙂


  5. I’m with motherhoodisanart, if the world ended in a couple of weeks, I would STILL find a way to read your blog. Just think after December 21st passes, I’ll wake up and say, “that went better than expected.” Now, let me see what Colleen is up to? 🙂


  6. Ha ha Great post…my daughter’s friend is really worried, and asked my daughter why she wasn’t worried or afraid, she said we will never know it, if it happens we will all be gone so why worry? Good point, I wish I had the cartoon of two Mayans, one was bringing in the calendar and commented that he had run out of space and the other one said something about the people in 2012 are going panic…. And so you know I am buying Christmas presents because on Dec 22 I do not want to be last minute shopping with everyone else who thought the world was going to end!! LOL and if the world ends. the joke is on me for wasting money..oh wait, we won’t be here anyway neither will our money…ummm guess we can’t win.


  7. You make me laugh, Colleen 🙂

    See you on the other side of Dec 12, when it’s apparently ending fo shizzle.

    It’d make a great blog post!!


  8. Two week trip without you!? Are you bitter? I maybe….would be…..
    All good arguments for the world not coming to an end. YRemember Y2K? How everyone thought computers would shut down and the world would come to a halt. people stockpiled cans of food for a year in their basement. Nope, I think we’ll be here and I can still read your blog. 🙂


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