Not My Obituary

I will pre-empt this with:  I am not dead.

Those crazies over at Prompting Head-Quarters demanded we write our obituaries.    (What I meant to say,  but wanted impact so stated “demanded”,  is that they simply suggested it).

I remember doing this in fifth grade.   I wish I still had that one to see if I write  better differently.

Dear World …no I don’t like that.

My Loving Family and Friends ….that sounds presumptuous.  What if no one loves me by the time I die?

This isn’t as easy as I thought it would be,  but I actually like this exercise.  It makes one look back and consider what it is about our life that we want others to remember.  Or that we are hoping those same others will have been impacted by.    Is what I think is important about my life, truly the important things I leave behind?   Were the words I spoke and the actions I took…. the important things?

What if the words I left behind that I thought mattered…..don’t?

And what if the words I don’t recall uttering….lifted the spirits of someone and I have no clue?

Or words once uttered that I can’t pull back, left a shadow of ill will, or sadness I never addressed?

What if my actions went unnoticed and my inaction is what left an impression (good or bad).

What if there were things I was supposed to do, and didn’t?

What if what I felt was most important didn’t matter to anyone?

What if no matter what I said or did I was loved…just because I was.

After consideration of these incredibly powerful contemplations I have decided I cannot write my obituary yet because I’m not done with the living that needs to be represented.   I still have stuff to do.  I’ve been prompted to pay a little more attention to the way I’m living. because I’m not dead.

27 thoughts on “Not My Obituary

  1. When it is written (many,many years from now) I hope there are two people in a cubicle saying, “Hey, did you see this obit? Wasn’t it great!”


  2. I’ve always thought it decent to pay for your own funeral, but writing your own obituary? Not a bad idea, actually…. But then again, it’s supposed to be TO YOU from others.

    Love the comment about two people in the cubicle discussing your obituary!! 🙂


    • 🙂 The person who commented about the cubicles is my coworker (friend). Every day we have to read the obituaries as part of our record keeping. We are always pointing out the fascinating and wonderful things people write. I’ve seen one or two where someone has written their own, and I loved them.


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