Sung By Friends

Husband and I were just shutting down the house.  Going to watch a little TV.  I had on the proverbial pj’s.  I was in the bedroom and I heard car doors.  Not something that startled me or concerned me.   But then….I heard laughter.   Giggles.  Talking.  The sounds seem pretty close to the house.  It was a nice sound but not one I thought had anything to do with our house.  And not a sound that I felt threatened by.  Houses are close and sounds travel.  And it was a very pleasant sound.

And then the door bell rings.

I had on my pj’s so I expect Husband to answer the door.  He doesn’t and it rings again.

I want to go answer the door but only have my pajamas on.

Husband came up from the basement, he hadn’t even heard the doorbell.

I stand in the bedroom door and tell him the door bell rang.  He went to answer it.  I hear him open the door and something is said.

I hear laughter.  He comes back in the house.

He comes down the hall way and says “it’s for you”.

I can’t help but smile because the sounds coming from the porch are happy sounds.  Contagious.

I said “who is it?”

Husband said “it’s the Surprise For You Happy Family”  (this is a pseudonym for this beautiful family, in case you didn’t know).

I grab a jacket from a doorknob (because I don’t have a robe and I’m in my pj’s).

And nearly run to the door to find a group of the most beautiful people.

Who stood on our porch.

And sang to us.

For the first time in many, many, years ….I heard live, honest to joy goodness caroling.

On my porch.

Songs of the season being sung by friends.  Friends who stopped and loaded up my porch with love and friendship.   They came in to check out my hand made tree.  And they came in with smiles and sharing and peace.   And love.  The sounds of the season in song, in laughter and giggles.

SAM_3214 - Copy

My heart over flows.

With song.

And love.