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Perfectly Flawed

If I could single out my “worst” flaw I suppose I might be able to fix it.  But the problem is….my flaws are at their “worst” when “that” flaw is in action.

And as flawed as I am I can’t be partial to just one flaw.   So I will categorically deny that any one flaw is worse than any other.

I am flawed.


By the way….say ‘flaw’ or ‘flawed’ numerous times.  It starts to lose any meaning in my head.   It sounds like an unfinished word when you repeat it often enough.   Oh…kind of like me.  I’m not flawed!  I’m not finished yet!

Also by the way….I wrote something as a teenager that may address this flawed being of me just perfectly:

“I am not perfect.  I never claimed to be.  But, that doesn’t stop me from letting others think I am.”

I don’t know that anyone actually thinks I’m perfect.  Unless they think I am perfectly flawed.   Either way I am okay with this.


Daily Prompters! how you make me think!


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