You Are In My Heart

Twenty Baby Angels.

Six Angels Tall.











I am so very sorry for the loss, the suffering, the unbearable pain.

I know it is so very little.

But my sympathy and prayers are fully yours.

May this world of ours wrap around you, surround you, and do for you  what ever it is

 you need from us.

I carry you in my heart.

19 thoughts on “You Are In My Heart

  1. Extremely heartbreaking. A heartless,selfish, cruel monster are not even bad enough words to use for that evil man. It is amazing at how much I can hate someone I have never even met.


  2. Beautifully said about something so heart wrenching. I just can’t stop thinking about what if I had been one of those parents to get that call. There lives are forever changed. It’s just so unfair and just so meaningless. Children aren’t even safe at school anymore. So sad 😦


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