Stealing Christmas Cookies Tradition

Growing up at Christmas time always meant frozen cookies.  Mom would bake and bake and store and store the cookies.  But we were on to her.  We knew the hiding places.  The freezer.  The big, stuck in the basement freezer.  Sometimes it sat at the bottom of the stairs.  Other years it was stashed where you had to walk around the big green, child eating furnace.    That thing was prehistoric and traumatizing.  Unless you were cold.  Or unless you were sneaking frozen date bars and could hide behind it.

There is nothing like a frozen, powdered sugar coated date bar that says Christmas cookie to me.   Oh man I’m getting dizzy thinking about them.

Fast forward to 2012.   I have a freezer in my basement, and it’s full.  Full of frozen vegies and frozen grapes.  And now, frozen cookies.  No, not my mom’s frozen already baked and ready for Christmas cookies.  But frozen, bought in the store and from school fundraisers frozen chunks of dough ready  to plop on a cookie sheet and heat at 425 for 13 minutes.

Oh they still smell good.  They taste good.

But they don’t have any feeling to them.

No one is sneaking in to my basement to sneak a taste of divine cookie-dom at my house.

No one is hanging on to the counter asking when are they going to be done.

Those of you thinking I have let my children down, don’t fret.  I did bake, in their youth.   I did make some pretty incredible and delectible treats.  I just don’t do it now.  How in the world do you think I would survive today with twenty dozen cookies in my basement freezer.  I’ll tell you what would happen if I did that:  you would find me in a sugar coma at the foot of the freezer with powdered sugar all over my face, hands, clothing, chocolate coming out of my ears and no cookies for the Big Elf Himself.

But today I emailed Aunt Linda who is talking about her baking escapades.  I miss the frenzy of Christmas baking, and the comfort of knowing one’s pantry (freezer) is stocked to full of savory delights.  I miss the sneaking down the wooden steps, stopping on the midway landing by the side door to make sure no one was listening from above, or already in hiding below sneaking their own cookie.  Slowly walking, avoiding the noise inducing steps, walk timidly around the furnace, sloooooooooowly creak open that big stand up freezer.   Get a little giddy off of the smell of cold.  Pay attention to exactly how the meats and vegies and white wrapped food items lay.  So once cookies were extracted, I could make sure everything looked undisturbed.  Finally, f-i-n-a-l-l-y pull out the container.  Take as many cookies as I deemed safe, make the rest of the cookies look undisturbed.  Close everything up.  Lean back in to the wall, between the furnace and the freezer.  And yeah, frozen but chewy date bar delight.  Yum.

With up to eight of us, and I dare any of the other 7 to try and deny it, sneaking those cookies I have no idea how mom ever managed to put out a Christmas cookie for any of us.

I know, shame on us.

But I bet, if given the chance, mom would go back to a Christmas with eight cookie sneaking kids who couldn’t wait for her to start freezing cookies.  And let Christmas begin.


I feel like I cheated by taking an already written post and re-doing it a little for now.  But not really.   It’s like taking an already made frozen cookie from the freezer for today.    So there guilt-take that!

42 thoughts on “Stealing Christmas Cookies Tradition

  1. You are sooo right about having my little ones back stealing ” or should I say borrowing ” a date bar or two from the old freezer. Nothing I enjoy more then cooking and baking for my chillin. Although as of today not one cookie has found its way into the oven….My helpers have not been able to get with me so far this year. (You know who you are). Love you all so so much!


  2. I’ve had those buckets of fundraiser cookie dough in my freezer as well! too funny, and yes, I long for my mom’s recipes instead. 🙂 I enjoy your humor and read some of your comments on keepingitreal. I will follow you and look forward to reading more about your life written from your bike room. 🙂


    • Thank you MarriedWithTwins. This comment made me smile. Because you knew about ‘the bike room’. I hope in all of that down time you have while raising twins (sarcasm dripping heavy there 😉 I make you huckle or pensive. Thank you!


  3. If you weren’t so naughty, you would have appreciated the cookies more… Like did you notice if she went through the trouble of sifting the confectioner’s sugar so it would fill every naughty crease in your smile?


  4. The description of the basement sounds a lot like the basement in my parents’ home. Big green furnaces can be frightening! I’m pretty sure they were modeled on the wood stove from Hansel and Gretel (the one the witch cooked the children in, where the witch herself ended up). I was never much at baking, although did make a few dozen cookies every year around this time for the sake of my children. The secret ingredient to homemade cookies is, as you know, love. 🙂




  6. Listen here colleen xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Brown…LAY OFF MY BOYS!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MUSTANG KOJI I SO ENJOY READING HIS COMMENTS!!


  7. Did you ever put your tongue on the big cold steel shelve of that big ol freezer?
    And no I don’t think I ever stole cookies from the freezer in the basement. Mine were from the freezer in the kitchen. I do remember playing with a sifter so we can assume it was used.
    I want date bars and I want Aunt Trudes rolls.


    • Amen brother. The date bars “could” happen if someone wasn’t out gallavanting around the town and instead stayed home and baked endlessly for us. I’M KIDDING!!!!! YOU DON’T HAVE TO MOM. The rollls, sadly, will likely never happen again. Trude tried to teach, but the teacher could not make the students understand “a pinch” and “some” and “about this much” when making the rolls.

      And YOU could get away with taking them from the upstairs freezer. You are, as some of us know, one of the twins.



  8. I only have 3 kids and I get dizzy with the circles they run around me. I can’t imagine having 8! My husband came from a family with 8 kids and I often ask his mom about it! She said she would go back in a second to have 8 little ones running around! So you are absolutely right…I bet your mom would absolutely go back and have all of you stealing her cookies! Love this post!


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