Whatever You Believe

No matter what your beliefs are I wish for you the same thing I wish for everyone:

Peace.   Joy.   Love.  Happiness.  Kindness.

My beliefs are Christian.   Today I am full of anticipation.   There is something filling the air with expectation and excitement.   As a child I thought it was anticipation for the gifts:  the paint by number sets (oh I was a great artist with those little boxes!), the clothes and the toys.   And maybe as a child that was what the anticipation was.   But today I have that same feeling and I am not excited about the presents I will receive.   I don’t anticipate any gifts under a tree.

But this feeling of excitement and expectation remains.

Could it possibly be something else?

It just possibly could.

I think it is hope.

Every year on Christmas Eve there is this sizzle just under my skin.   Does anyone else feel that…and not know how to explain it?   There’s a tingle feeling that has nothing to do with the parties, the gifts, the food, and the clamour of the celebrations.


There is hope that we will, each and every one who celebrate this love and joy, retain this feeling of goodwill and generosity throughout the year.

There is hope that the peace we wish for we will work and strive for.

There is hope that kindness will win out over anger and feelings of entitlement and demands.

There is hope that the saddened and heart broken will be surrounded and lifted up by the protective nature we have for one another.

There is hope that love will guide us and over whelm us with it’s powerful force.

There is hope that when another is angry and out of control – peace will intervene and guide us to calm.

There is hope that we learn to put others needs before our wants.

There is hope that we will celebrate the true joys of life: birth, life, love, sharing, laughing, time.

There is hope that despite our differences we will recognize our “sames”.

We all want to matter, we all want to be respected, we all want to be loved and accepted for who we are, we all want our lives to not be a battle but a celebration.

What ever you believe I hope tonight, or some night special to you, you feel the birth of renewed hope in your heart.   I hope you are a spark to light the changes towards peace within your own world.

What ever you believe I hope you believe you can make a difference in someone’s life, in your world, and be part of peace every where.

16 thoughts on “Whatever You Believe

  1. Beautiful post ~ here’s hoping all of your dreams, wants and desires are fulfilled during 2013. Merry Christmas Colleen and thank you for all your great writing ~ it is your gift to those who read it.


  2. Love the line, “this sizzle just under my skin!” So beautifully written. I know that HOPE of which you speak. It is the reason I can still get out of bed and look forward to things not yet seen. Dearest Colleen, I wish you and your beautiful family a glorious Christmas! May it be filled with overflowing peace and love! ~ Anka 🙂


  3. Colleen, I hope you and yours have the happiest of Christmases. You do bring hope and joy to all who come here. Many thanks for the love and hope you spread in the ‘sphere. ❤


  4. Oh Colleen…. This is lovely.

    Everyone, surely, believes in hope – for it cannot die, only be covered up some, but always with a bit of effort again uncovered.


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