Steaming Piles Of Stuffing

The ham was on the table.  The potatoes in the bowl.  The noodles done.  The biscuits on their platters.  Daughter had done well with the dinner mostly by herself.  She just needed a little help.

All I had to do was hold the bowl while Son In Law transferred the stuffing from the pan to the bowl.  That’s it.

And I was holding the bowl.

Just not very well.

Before I knew it the bowl was upside down on the floor.   The stuffing laying on it, on the floor and all around.   Daughter turns around to find me and Son In Law (her husband) with our hands outstretched.   Our mouths open.   And steaming stuffing in piles on the floor.


Me:   “Laughing”

Son In Law:   Too Scared To Speak

Me:   “Hurry scoop it back in the bowl before anyone gets here!”

Daughter:  “You guys did not just do that!”

Me:  Laughing-“don’t tell anyone.”

Son In Law:   “I’ll eat it.”

Me:   “Me too but don’t tell the others.”

Daughter:  “Thank God I just cleaned the floor this morning.”

Me:  “Do not tell anyone else.   They don’t read my blog anyway.”

I’m pretty sure I just got out of ever having to help Daughter finish getting a meal ready at her house.

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37 thoughts on “Steaming Piles Of Stuffing

  1. bikebrown says:

    Five second rule expands for holidays. I didn’t say a word, but then I don’t eat stuffing anyway. Merry Christmas.


  2. ahaha! way to go Colleen! i would have eaten it!


  3. murph says:

    Making mental notes……


  4. msampson999 says:

    I would still eat it 😀


  5. Anonymous says:

    you did it on purpose!!


  6. Red says:

    Just adds flavor 😉


  7. viveka says:

    I would have eaten too … because stuffing taste jerk anyhow.


  8. Merry Christmas to you and your family! 🙂


  9. I would eat stuffing off the floor! Hands down my favorite part of the meal! 🙂


  10. Restaurants do this all the time! I worked in one while in college and if something feel on the ground, my manager would pick it up and say, “did you see that piece of paper it fell on.” We served it! God bless all who ate there! HF


  11. Maya says:

    Love it! It happens sometimes. 🙂


  12. […] Steaming Piles Of Stuffing ( […]


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