Limited Edition

Is it okay to show  off a gift?

My friend got me this.


It’s a book.

That she had made.

Because she is awesome.

Sorry though.

There’s only one.


And by one.

I mean….

One Friend Like Her.


29 thoughts on “Limited Edition

    • Ha Koji! Her name is Maggie. We have often talked about printing the entire blog but you know how things get in the way. This is the second time she has done this. In 2010 when Husband and I went to Ireland for 3 weeks I posted stories and pictures just about daily. For “that” Christmas she also made me a book of just those stories. Husband knew this was coming and there is a comical picture of me opening the gift. I had no idea. She is the best. If you “really” want the “book” you can go to page one, day one (back in Sept. 2009) and read, click, print. 🙂

      For real though if I had “extra” copies I would send you one!

      You would get the second copy. Since she gave me the first.


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