I Saw A Picture Of A Kind Gesture….

The other day  a friend of mine posted a picture from an internet site that showed the before picture of the entrance of a house.   Actually it was an after picture, after a ton of snow had fallen on the ground, and covered the entrance.   Next to it was a picture of the same entrance but it was shoveled and swept out.  I clicked on the picture which took me to the original site of the picture. Who ever took the picture posted something like:  “look what I did for my elderly neighbor”.

My thought:   awww, how nice!  What a wonderful and easy thing to do for someone to make a difference.

Stupidly I started to read the comments below the picture on the original site.  One comment said something to the effect of:  “I was going to pat you on the back but it looks like you’ve already done that.”


I wondered in what mean spirit that was meant?

Then like an idiot I went back again today to see if anyone said something nice.   I should have just left it alone with my initial disappointment.   Now I have a heavy load of disappointment.

I had immediately gotten the “awwwww”‘s  from it.

But this person (and then sadly many follow up commenters)  got the attitude that doing nice things are no longer considered nice if you share the nice thing you did.

Maybe if we shared more nice things we did for one another our atmosphere would be full of kind deeds and positive thoughts.

Instead of….not so kind thoughts and positive deeds.  What’s wrong with wanting to share positive,  and encouragement to do positive?

I feel bad for the commenter.   Like maybe someone needs to take him or her a cherry pie.   Or a smile.  And then he or she  can share it with all of the others who agree that positive begetting positive is a silly thing to try.

Kindness is a very simple act.   A very simple smile.  A very simple thought.

And sharing is a very easy way to start a chain reaction.

Personally I would really enjoy more pictures of kindness and thoughtfulness.

Every day.

21 thoughts on “I Saw A Picture Of A Kind Gesture….

  1. Me three! And most certainly, when you showed us the happiness shown by the veteran you took Christmas greetings to, that certainly fit the bill! More please and I will pat you on the back as well!


  2. reading about doing good makes me want to do good. it’s too bad people have to judge and attack. like Koji said, it was a wonderful thing reading about what you guys did for the precious vetern. i think of him often and can see his smile in my mind. 🙂


  3. I think people like that … had a childhood full of broken toys. *smile
    There is truly something in what you’re saying, even if I would like us to document the good things we do. Because the differences we make will be documented with the people that has been helped.


    • I like how you said that Viveka. Not the part about the broken toys, that is a sad “smile”.

      But the part “Because the differences we make will be documented with the people that has been helped.”

      What is done is written on someone’s thoughts.

      You said it perfectly. Thank you. 🙂


      • When people are rude …. I think they had problems during their childhood; broken toys.

        Personally I will find it very difficult to blow my own horn over something I done to help another person with. Because it’s something we just do there and then. It doesn’t happen every day – because I don’t look for people need helps – but when the opportunity comes on my path … is it natural for me to help. Like this Christmas when a friend of mine asked if I wanted to help her out in the soup kitchen. Not anything I would do a post about and I want do it on a regular basis, even if I really should. But I will do it again if she asks.


        • Ah…now I get it, “broken toys” as a description of them, the people.

          I have to admit I enjoy the feel good stories of doing for others. Especially after such tragic stories of the past year. I like that people do things for one another, and then share it. But I also fully understand not telling everyone when you do something wonderful for others. Everyone has their own way. Goodness in secret is as wonderful as goodness exposed.

          I now picture the people who said such nasty things about this guy as people who have or had broken toys. That’s a good way of seeing them. I was just so taken aback by the rude comments to this guy being happy about doing something nice.


  4. People who don’t do nice things for others, make fun of those who do. You, me and your readers would never make fun of this nice thing because we know what nice is! Carry on with kindness, carry on!!


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