Voiceless Snowman

No bike rides today.

Snowy Bike Post

I went out on the trail anyway.

I left a little fellow on a bench a long the trail.

I hope no one sits on him.

Benched Snowman

Then I wanted to come home and make a real snowman.   Apologies to Little Benched Snowman above.   He is real.   When I got home I had intended to make a life size snowman.   Carrot nose.  Something eyes.  Sticks for arms.  Even a scarf if necessary.   Oddly the snow would only stick to my gloves.   So the snowman that now adorns my porch is sadly ….depressed.


I think he has a little pink-eye.

And he’s tiny.

And I was going to make him a smile with the cinnamon candies.

But I ate the rest of the candies.

Now this snowman will only contemplate.

And not speak.

He’s only a snowman.

What could he possibly have to say anyway.