There Is Truth In Paraphrasing

I paraphrase.   A lot.


Today I went to the doctor.  The very short of the story is that everything is “fine”.

But there were some things that needed checking in to.

One of the issues is a moderately to severely twitching left eye.

Doctor:   your eye is twitching because gobbledtygookedtymedicalterminologystatusergoineverfullycomprehendtheterminologyhegivesme. He goes on to say muscleisoverworkedbecauseofmedicalterminologyistilldon’tget.

I fully understand what he tells me.  He is thorough and makes sure I get it.   I just can’t repeat it.   I can’t ever recall the medical terms he uses.   When he says it-it sounds so official and right.   When I try to say it I sound like me trying to say it.   So when he is describing it I paraphrase what he is telling me to make sure I understand.   After the above description was given I asked some questions.   You should know he has been my doctor for a very long time and gets exactly what I mean when I do this to him.

Me:  so my eye is twitching because I’m looking at things.

Him:  yes.  

Me:  so I can go to work and tell my boss my eye is twitching because I am looking at her.

Him:  yes.  Technically you can.

Me:  oh, I will.

Him:  you might not get a raise.   

Me:  I already did.

Fortunately my boss understands me as well.

By the way, the above conversation may be a paraphrased repeat of the actual conversation.  But it’s so convaluted in my head now I’m not really sure.  But I think that is pretty accurate.

Once I had a tear in a lining of the muscle of my leg.  So I asked him if that meant my muscle was so awesome the lining could not contain it.  He told me if I wanted to say it like that I could.   So I did.  Not to mention when my brothers noticed the veins popping out in that same leg I just carried it a little further, because it makes sense to me, and told them the muscle in that leg is so awesome there was no room for the veins.

They can’t argue with that.

The doctor kind of said that if I paraphrase it enough.

I could just tell everyone that everything was ‘fine’.   But where is the fun in that?

53 thoughts on “There Is Truth In Paraphrasing

  1. Awesome! Maybe, your eye muscle is twitching because it can not contain the sheer genius in your brain. You could paraphrase that if you want. You crack me up.


  2. This is so great! I often wonder what my patients think about me. I have good comments and complaints. One patient who was annoyed said I talked forever and looked things up in a book (imagine that)! I have had other ones who were glad I listened and explained things in words they can understand. Well really, I don’t always remember what all of those big words mean either! Only the ones I use all the time.


    • Truth in medicine! The way it should be! I would rather my doctor ask ME questions and tell me he isn’t familiar with something than pretend, because he is the doctor, that he knows everything. My doctor is fabulous. I trust him and know he will always help, or get me to the help I need.


  3. twitching because you’re looking at things??? – that doesn’t make any sense to me … but I don’t have much time over for eye doctors just now. *smile … Still your doctor seems to have humor, not many has that … they take themselves to serious. *smile


    • 🙂 I know you are not happy with those stinking eye doctors!

      This was actually my primary doctor (general practitioner) but it is actually a muscle that is stressed, which is causing the twitching.

      My doctor is funny and so are his nurses. I like going there! Unfortunately something has to be wrong with me. 🙂


      • Colleen, I had something similar many years ago – it just started out of the blue and disappeared the same way. Went to our GP – it was just a nerve that was caught somewhere and I was told that it would disappear by itself and that it could have happen the next day or next year – very irritating for sure.
        Love doctors with a great sense of humor – make the visit so much enjoyable. Our old GP – been dead for years … he was so funny to and so direct to the point. No bullshit with him. I don’t think they do doctors like that anymore.


        • Irritating certainly defines the twitching Viveka.

          I am pretty lucky. Though my doctor is not “old” I think he is very old school. Very concerned about my health and how it affects my life. And a fantastic sense of humor. I think you would like him! 🙂


          • Hopefully it will disappear like mine did!
            I like doctors with the old school attitude – the two senior doctor that removed my tumor with the Da Vinci robot – neihter of them had any humor, new school – but very good. Two of the top in the world in that area, but I manage to make one smile.


  4. I hate that feeling when someone is talking to you like a doctor, instructor, teacher, etc. and when they start talking it seems simple then after that it sounds like they are speaking another language.


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