Dead Writers Challenge

I’m newly intrigued by dead writers.

I don’t normally give “reviews” of books or other’s writing because I don’t feel qualified to judge other’s writing.  I either like it or I don’t understand it.  If I don’t understand it I don’t have any way to give an opinion.  If I like it I can’t always tell you why.

But I do enjoy reading how other’s enjoy someone else’s writing.   It’s a good way to find new stuff to read.   If you are anything like me you have a little fear of running out of good things to read.  Hallelujah for living in the age of blogging.

Enter my life:  Kindle.  All doubts and fears of this machine have dissipated.   It has not lessened my love for actual paper books.  But led me to more!  I will never run out of books!  And I can easily shoot a text, email or yell to the other room “HUSBAND!”  He replies “WHAT!?”   I reply “can you order me this book?”   He rolls his eyes and replies, always, “YES!”.

And he thought this would save money.

Silly man.

Through Kindle I have come across a couple of books (read:  obsession):

Drinking With Dead Drunks


Drinking With Dead Women Writers

All I can tell you is I think the women who wrote these books are brilliant.  I love it.  I am not advocating for writers to be alcoholics or have tragic lives.  It just happens to be the way these lives were lived.  These books give me little glimpses of writers of the past whom I have certainly heard of.  At least in general terms.  I think I have come across one or two writers who’s names were not familiar but who’s works were.

What authors AK Turner and Elaine Ambrose have done is intrigue me.  I found myself searching for information on the authors they “interviewed” and shared with us.  I was intrigued by the dead author’s lives.  Which makes me intrigued to see what it is they have written.  So I’ve now added what seems like hundreds of books written by dead writers.  Dead writers, who I might add, all seem to have some serious life issues.  Correction, had serious life issues.

I hope that is not an ominous sign for those of us who, since we write, call ourselves writers.

I wonder if Turner and Ambrose would ever find it interesting enough to have some interviews with dead, yet emotionally healthy, writers.

I hope there’s a category for that.  I believe there is.

It could be interesting.  I would love to read about their meeting with Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Please do not disillusion me that there are things I don’t want to know about her.

So I think what I will do is read at least one book from every one of the authors that are mentioned in these books.  If I have read them, I will re-read a book I loved, or one I may not have known about.

I don’t drink, so dead or alive, I can’t really relate to the drinking aspect.

But write, I love it, I do.

Read, I love it, I do.

Creative ideas like these books, jealous, I am.

24 thoughts on “Dead Writers Challenge

  1. “Drinking: A Love Story” is a good title. I read it not realizing the author is dead now. Caroline Knapp. I also re-Kindled (hehe!) my love of reading after getting my e-reader a few years ago. Makes reading faster, more fun, and easily portable!!


    • All of the above is why I am fast learning to love the Kindle I dreaded getting because I feared this falling in love with it!

      VERY good play on words.

      I shall check that book out as well. Thanks!


  2. My main reading has usually been autobiographys. I love real life, candid words. I think that’s why I have really started reading blogs now! But I can see where I would love reading about the life of the author and then reading their fictional work and see how it affected their writing or if it affected their writing at all…so interesting!


    • I think you said that perfectly. I love autobiographies. I think it’s why I am so drawn to blogs as well! And I adore journaling comics. Those are fantastic!

      I have to say these 2 books have really “re-opened” my eyes to some old classics.


    • I have decided not to think of myself as a traitor or cross over-er. Instead, I am enhancing my book loving experience. It has truly opened the door to THOUSANDS of books I other wise would not have found! I’ve been thinking on it for years. Thought it was a betrayal. I still wish I could “have” every book in my hands. But without it, I would be missing out on some great reads I never knew about. Keep considering. 😉


  3. I drink, very little .. and only in company … I have read a lot .. never read now … like writing but have no yen to be a writer. I think most great artists .. have drinking problems and I think they do their best works under the influence.


      • Wasn’t only thinking about authors … I thought about artists in general *smile
        Maybe drinking isn’t the best if being drunk, but ideas can pop up the day after maybe and there is spell checks those days. *laughing


  4. Colleen, what a fantastic post – this is so intriguing. I’m as interested as you in these writers.

    I’m sure I mentioned one post here or there that I didn’t know how past writers were such drunks (some in particular) and yet wrote so well. I just didn’t comprehend, because when I drink, I lie down, sleep – waste time. Don’t feel creative.

    On that though, I’ve been doing great these days. Not saying I haven’t indulged but, like bulimia, it is just ‘fading out’. It’s bizarre – or maybe that I’ve taken up yoga (am otherwise occupied). I don’t know, but I’m so grateful, so so grateful – and, obviously, writing more thanks to that.

    Really enjoyed this, Colleen 🙂


    • I bet the ‘otherwise occupied” has to be a help. 🙂

      I am trying to shake up my workouts a little as well.

      I’m glad you liked this post. I was surprised at how much I found out about these folks. I kept searching even more info on them after I read the books!


  5. I don’t normally do book reviews either, for similar reasons. It’s hard to explain why I like a book. Sometimes it’s hard to explain why I like anything, but books always feel more complicated.

    I used to say I couldn’t die until I finished every book on my to-be-read list and shelf. At the rate my list and pile of books keeps growing, I shall live forever! Hahahaha. I’m going to add the two books in your post to my list. They sound interesting. And who knows? They might keep living past forever. 😉


    • Making your book list unfinishable makes COMPLETE sense to me. We got more than just funny shoes between us Robin! 🙂

      These authors are something I tell you. I stayed by my computer so I could google them after I read each chapter about them!


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