Belt Me

Husband bought me this.

Tool Belt

Because I am enjoying building things in life.

Nice.  Right?

I am kind of fascinated that there was a time when many people carried their worldly possessions on their peasant’s belt.  The tools they needed to get through their day.

I like the idea of carrying the tools I need with me.


So now I need another one.

So I can do this.

Blog Belt or Writer's Belt

Blog Belt or Writer’s Belt

Why can’t I walk about my life like this.  Prepared.  Ready to scribble, jot or type away.

Have Blog.

Will travel.

55 thoughts on “Belt Me

  1. I think you must have one of the best husbands. I’m still carrying a notebook and a pen in vest pockets (my husband bought me a birder’s type of vest years ago, the kind with millions — okay tens — of pockets for pens, notebooks, camera, etc). I might have to pass this blog post on to a certain husband I know. Time to upgrade beyond the pen and notebook. 🙂


    • I love the vest idea as well! There’s something about pockets and being close to you over a bag/purse/etc…. Though I often use a backpack to haul all of my technology. And my technology includes paper/pens because when all else is not working, those always will!

      I hope Husband (Robin’s model) does something fun. But he gets Kudos for the vest idea.


    • 🙂 I believe it was Menards. I was with him when he got it but not with him when he found it in this store. I am sure any place carrying hardware has them. I would wear it every day. Though make a few changes! 😉


  2. Wouldn’t the pouch on the back of a bike jersey work well, also.?!
    Husband, you are sooo good to her! What’s up with that?


  3. A very, VERY thoughtful Husband! (Hmmmm… What’s this? A red pen and yet another one..? Such primitive implements for our Royal Highness? How can that be so with today’s Androids? Oh, I see!! You have a…. Blackberry! LOL)


    • You did notice the old netbook too, right? And the electrical cord that goes to it? Red pens are a must. If I cross something out I need to see the contrast. Plus, it showed up good against the belt. 😉 My Blackberry is a must, for everything BUT writing. Well, I did just figure out how to use a notepad on it. So that was nice.


  4. Woman, you’re mad …. that is some weight in that “carry on” – if I needed a belt like that … I would stop blogging. Brilliant – thanks for the laughter this morning.


  5. Ah, I should have guessed your husband would belt you for Christmas 😉 What a perfect gift for you, Colleen, just perfect.

    Love the picture too. And travel with your blog, you have, even to here Australia.


    • 🙂 Thanks Noeleen. It was funny when he got it for me for the building things we have been doing. I told him it was perfect for the writing utensils. He fully agrees! 🙂

      I love that I have traveled there. I hope those fires are no where near you guys and that they are under control. How scary.


  6. OMG I love it!! DH never knows what to buy me for Christmas or my birthday – wa la now he has the perfect gift idea!!! 😀


  7. Love the belt, what a thoughtful husband! You can just whip out the necessary tool at any time! I always loved overalls because of that, lots of pockets, super comfortable and functional. It is like a my lab coat in a belt, I love it!!!


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