Quality Assurance

How many times a day do we think of the quality of what we do?

When I get up in the morning I don’t consciously think about how quality my teeth brushing is.  Maybe I should, but I don’t.  I just do it.

I don’t think about the perfection of the meal I’m throwing together for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I just do, or have Husband do, whatever it is we are getting ready to eat.  Or for that matter, I have the folks I’m buying my meal from do it for me.  Only worrying about the quality after it’s served….

I don’t stop and consider every word that comes out of my mouth.  To ensure that what I have to say is going to be exactly correct.  This is sad on my part.  Because I need to do this.  Husband has a gift (annoying habit) of being able to think out everything he is going to say before he says it.  Quality words.  From his lips to my ears.   Sadly, I find myself apologizing for the quick quips I spout off.    I talk fast, it’s like there is a barrage of words that have to come out of my mouth.  The presentation and quality of these words might be better served if I took a little more time.  I just don’t know how to stop the flood.

I worry about what I write here.  Because I want what I have to say to have value.  Quality.   But when I read my banner under the title of my blog it says:

Living:  All Day Every Day: Then Chattering About It.

Sometimes I worry about what I say.   I don’t want to go a day without writing.  Because I don’t want to go a day without taking notice of things that make me think, ponder, laugh, chuckle, cry, sob, become outraged, become enlightened, learn something, teach something, experience something, and you know…living.

It’s my self motivation.  This writing about life.   To keep record.  Maybe to make sure I’m doing something.   If I wasn’t taking note, would I be taking notice?

I worry about quality because of the value I place on this gift, my life.

I worry about quality because I want to share little moments, huge moments, and moments I may otherwise not have considered valuable had I not been paying attention to take note.

When I sit here to write I do worry about quality.  The quality of something serious I want to share. The quality of whether or not I can share a good chuckle.  Whether or not I can put in to words something important and deeply felt so that I appear well rounded with the mundane of life that I also find appealing.

I want to assure myself that I am striving for quality.   In as many areas as I can.

Including here.

Quality assurance.  I assure you I am trying to share the quality of my every day in the best way I can.

And today the best way I can assure you my life has quality is that I was compared to a rabid raccoon’s appearance.

It was quite funny.   And I am the one who described said raccoon.

Not realizing it did sound remarkably like my own appearance.

Rest assured.

You get this kind of quality every day from me.