Quality Assurance

How many times a day do we think of the quality of what we do?

When I get up in the morning I don’t consciously think about how quality my teeth brushing is.  Maybe I should, but I don’t.  I just do it.

I don’t think about the perfection of the meal I’m throwing together for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I just do, or have Husband do, whatever it is we are getting ready to eat.  Or for that matter, I have the folks I’m buying my meal from do it for me.  Only worrying about the quality after it’s served….

I don’t stop and consider every word that comes out of my mouth.  To ensure that what I have to say is going to be exactly correct.  This is sad on my part.  Because I need to do this.  Husband has a gift (annoying habit) of being able to think out everything he is going to say before he says it.  Quality words.  From his lips to my ears.   Sadly, I find myself apologizing for the quick quips I spout off.    I talk fast, it’s like there is a barrage of words that have to come out of my mouth.  The presentation and quality of these words might be better served if I took a little more time.  I just don’t know how to stop the flood.

I worry about what I write here.  Because I want what I have to say to have value.  Quality.   But when I read my banner under the title of my blog it says:

Living:  All Day Every Day: Then Chattering About It.

Sometimes I worry about what I say.   I don’t want to go a day without writing.  Because I don’t want to go a day without taking notice of things that make me think, ponder, laugh, chuckle, cry, sob, become outraged, become enlightened, learn something, teach something, experience something, and you know…living.

It’s my self motivation.  This writing about life.   To keep record.  Maybe to make sure I’m doing something.   If I wasn’t taking note, would I be taking notice?

I worry about quality because of the value I place on this gift, my life.

I worry about quality because I want to share little moments, huge moments, and moments I may otherwise not have considered valuable had I not been paying attention to take note.

When I sit here to write I do worry about quality.  The quality of something serious I want to share. The quality of whether or not I can share a good chuckle.  Whether or not I can put in to words something important and deeply felt so that I appear well rounded with the mundane of life that I also find appealing.

I want to assure myself that I am striving for quality.   In as many areas as I can.

Including here.

Quality assurance.  I assure you I am trying to share the quality of my every day in the best way I can.

And today the best way I can assure you my life has quality is that I was compared to a rabid raccoon’s appearance.

It was quite funny.   And I am the one who described said raccoon.

Not realizing it did sound remarkably like my own appearance.

Rest assured.

You get this kind of quality every day from me.

29 thoughts on “Quality Assurance

  1. My “gift” is a conscious effort I made on my part many years ago to slow down and think before I speak. I’m not sure they are all quality words, but I try. Especially when I am talking to you.


  2. Hmmmmm….are your quality words saying I should not compare those I love to rabid raccoon’s? Does this mean that I, too, need to stop and think? (Oh the horror)! Funny…I couldn’t even remember what we were talking about when you said you were going to write about it. I love you just the way you are…perfect…and rabid!


  3. I’m with you, Colleen – about record keeping.

    As for quality in the day, if ever you’ve visited MyBeautifulThings – her site is three things beautiful EACH AND EVERY day. I like it much. She ALWAYS has photos of 3 things …. EVERY day!


  4. I used to be a quick quipper and I sort of miss it because I found it quite humorous, however the problem with quick is that is out and you can’t take it back. I so admire your hubby and anyone else that thinks through a response first. I too am trying for more quality.


    • He is often admired. Full disclosure though: it is VERY frustrating in the course of a discussion for him to ‘stop’ talking for minutes at a time and I think he is dismissive, not listening, or forgot. Then later he responds and I don’t have a clue what he’s referring to. 🙂


  5. Woman … you crack me up- get a Braun Oral-B electric brush and it will do the thinking for you. *smile When I work I was always concerted about the quality of my work and my staffs work. Today???? Quality of my life – is what I make it too – some days it nearly none .. walking around in slippers and not very social – other times I’m the centre of universe and very thing with me and around me is top class. When I blog I worry, because of my Swenglish and I change and change and check … some carry on, but I want the quality to be there – in choice of photo’s – so in a way blogging has taken over from my work. Otherwise I don’t worry about quality


    • HA! I will consider the Braun! That was a good one.

      I do worry about work. Probably because it is something that I can’t do by rote. It’s something new and different every day. And people are affected, in possibly serious ways. But the general every day stuff….. I couldn’t help but wonder how quality I was doing.

      Your Swenglish is wonderful. I think you do amazing. Besides, we don’t all want to sound exactly alike. I don’t think I have ever read anything and not understood what you were trying to say. If I did I don’t remember. If I do in the future I will ask you. 😉


      • Colleen, I have used Braun for over 20 years – can live without it – such a difference in brushing and you can feel it. The new ones tell you were you need to brush more or less. I don’t have one of those yet.
        Good .. and if you see something really wrong tell me. One post I gave out a recipe for pork lion .. instead of pork loin, and nobody said anything – notice it myself.
        I’m getting better *smile


        • I have read articles about “reading”. Often times the human mind will accept a misspelled word if all of the letters are there, and the first and last letter are in the correct place. I bet that everyone saw the “lion” and accepted it as “loin” because of the context it was used in. 🙂


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