More Ripple Please

No no, not Fred Sanford’s beverage of choice.

Just a little Ripple Love please.

We all know what the ripple effect is.  Throw a pebble in to calm waters and watch the ripples spread out and out,  far and beyond what we can see.

I’d like to think sometimes I’m the pebble.  Purposefully jumping in with a pleasantry or positive attitude to try and help out in a situation.  Or just to be happy.  Period.  For no other reason than being happy is the state I am standing in.  And I want to share it.  Though sometimes I hope I am the pebble that inadvertently gets plopped in to situations and because I’m there and without even knowing it I add a pleasantry or am a pleasantry that was added without intention.  Unintentional ripple.

But here’s the greatest thing about ripple.   We benefit from them.

When I witness the pebble jumping in the pond, or don’t even see that but see a ripple from that toss heading my way….I am loving that pebble and all of the ripples that are flowing out.

Have you ever seen a pebble tossed in to a quiet water and witnessed no effect?  I haven’t.

I have seen ripples not knowing where the pebble came from, who tossed it, who inadvertently fell in, but I’ve been standing about and suddenly get over come by a ripple (again, not the alcoholic beverage of the 70’s sitcoms).

I want to be a pebble.  I want to jump in.  I want to fall in it.

I want to be swayed a little by a little ripple.

I want to be knocked to my feet by a ripple that grew in to a wave.

I want to ripple in laughter.

I’m kind of enjoying the word ‘ripple’ for no other reason than it sounds good to say.

Ripple on world.

Ripple on.