More Ripple Please

No no, not Fred Sanford’s beverage of choice.

Just a little Ripple Love please.

We all know what the ripple effect is.  Throw a pebble in to calm waters and watch the ripples spread out and out,  far and beyond what we can see.

I’d like to think sometimes I’m the pebble.  Purposefully jumping in with a pleasantry or positive attitude to try and help out in a situation.  Or just to be happy.  Period.  For no other reason than being happy is the state I am standing in.  And I want to share it.  Though sometimes I hope I am the pebble that inadvertently gets plopped in to situations and because I’m there and without even knowing it I add a pleasantry or am a pleasantry that was added without intention.  Unintentional ripple.

But here’s the greatest thing about ripple.   We benefit from them.

When I witness the pebble jumping in the pond, or don’t even see that but see a ripple from that toss heading my way….I am loving that pebble and all of the ripples that are flowing out.

Have you ever seen a pebble tossed in to a quiet water and witnessed no effect?  I haven’t.

I have seen ripples not knowing where the pebble came from, who tossed it, who inadvertently fell in, but I’ve been standing about and suddenly get over come by a ripple (again, not the alcoholic beverage of the 70’s sitcoms).

I want to be a pebble.  I want to jump in.  I want to fall in it.

I want to be swayed a little by a little ripple.

I want to be knocked to my feet by a ripple that grew in to a wave.

I want to ripple in laughter.

I’m kind of enjoying the word ‘ripple’ for no other reason than it sounds good to say.

Ripple on world.

Ripple on.

27 thoughts on “More Ripple Please

  1. To start a ripple means you have to be the center of attention, which you are on occasion. It also means your love keeps spreading out never knowing who it’s going to affect next. Surprise love ripples are a great thing. Ripple on my friend.


    • Oh! My! I didn’t mean to make me center of attention! Sometimes we don’t know we’re the pebble! But I know I always have YOUR attention. 🙂 You are always sending ripples my way. 🙂


  2. Ripple is a fantastic word (now that I’ve gotten over your title in my email box and wondering if you wanted/needed some wine which I see Wikipedia defines as “Bum wine”… not sure I like that term). You’ve been a pebble on a number of occasions that I know of, spreading happiness, laughter, love, or a chance to see things in a new way by the reader (that would be me since I can’t speak for anyone else). Ripple on. I love that. 🙂


    • Thank you Robin! You just added a ripple of joy to my heart. What a heartfelt response. I didn’t see the “bum wine” definition I just knew it was Fred’s choice of drink. So we shall think of it as Fred’s drink instead of Bum wine. Thank you for calling me a pebble. 🙂 It made me very happy.


  3. Not necessarily center of attention because once the ripple starts, one starts to focus on how the ripple speeds, getting bigger and bigger. Like planting a seed in a garden and watching what happens


  4. Ripple on, Colleen! Love the new catch phrase. The tiniest ripple does cause dozens more to flow. I certainly hope we all be plopping around in more love. Just need to jump right in like you said!


  5. I won’t lie, I really did think you were referencing Sanford and Son.

    When I was a kid I used to like going to up the creek by my grandparents house that had a dirt pathway that ran along it. I used to like tossing and skipping stones just to watch the waves in the water. Even watching the waves after lofting a big rock into the water with a large splash.


    • I wanted others to remember Fred too so I’m glad you got the reference (and thought you might!) 🙂

      Isn’t there something awesome about watching that water? It’s very…..relaxing? Encouraging? Full of thought? I dunno. But it is something to enjoy. Thanks Heretic.


  6. I had to read this post a few times! The first time all I could think about while reading was Sanford and Son and how much I miss that show and need to see if I can find reruns! I think I was fully concentrating the 3rd time and really loved this! Great message!


    • Thank you MotherHoodIsAnArt! I know I can see Fred still. He makes me laugh. My friend though, when she first read it couldn’t stop thinking of the chocolate ripple ice cream. So that has now crowded my images. Thank you though, for loving the message. 🙂


  7. Colleen, now your Swedish friend is totally lost … but I suppose it’s good – so I “LIKE” it anyhow .. and maybe the cent will fall down later. *laughing. This is worst than my Swenglish.


    • My Swedish friend you make ME laugh. 🙂 Did you ever see “Sanford and Son”? It was a sitcom from the 1970s. He used to talk about drinking his “Ripple” which was supposed to be a cheap wine.

      But the ripples also happen when you toss a stone in to a pond. Which has nothing to do with the wine called Ripple.

      And when we do something the consequences of our actions are “ripples”.

      🙂 Oh the english language! 🙂


      • Now I know … never heard about .. that program.
        Thanks for explaining. I don’t do “ripples”, life is too short for that . *smile

        Ripples, I know the word .. but I couldn’t make sense of your post.

        We learn something new every day.

        Time for hospital again.


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