Gratitudes And Urinals

Small gratitudes.  Being grateful isn’t just about getting, having or doing.    Sometimes gratitude is about not getting, having or doing.  Or not being given something, having something done to you or having to do something you don’t want to do.

I can list all kinds of small gratitudes every day.

Today I woke up feeling great.

I had a great cup of coffee with a cinnamon raisin english muffin.

I went to the dentist and did not swallow the gold crown they were trying to install in to my mouth when it dropped unexpectedly at the back of my throat.  I was very grateful and started laughing when I caught it with my tongue.

A whole lot of gratitude when Husband picked me up at the dentist and had a car full of little people who love me.

Even more gratitude when there were more little people to go see who love me and didn’t want me to leave.

Some gratitude was experienced when I walked in to the bathroom at McDonald’s and stood there wondering when and why they put a urinal in the women’s restroom.  For mom’s who had to bring little boys in?  Gratitude for the length of time (sadly) it took me to realize I had walked in to the men’s room (that used to be the women’s room) without having a man walk in behind me or appear from the one stall with a door on it.   And when I exited this room, crossed over to the women’s room, I was ever grateful when I realized that I was very happy there was no  man folk standing there using the open and exposed urinal in the men’s room that used to be the women’s room.

When I left the appropriate bathroom I was ever grateful that the three tables with people sitting at them did not try to make eye contact with me.  Though I would have been grateful if one had and laughed.   I was laughing at me.  It would have been a shared laugh.  But avoided further embarrassment was a gratitude as well.

I find there are many things to be grateful for.

And many things I’m grateful for not having seen.