Xylophone And Punching Bag

I’m convinced beyond reasonable understanding that I am supposed to learn how to play something musical. I cannot read music. I cannot keep a beat. I cannot carry a tune. For that matter I can’t even recognize or pick out a tune.

I can sing, very poorly, DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO. These are notes of music.  Yes?  But I only know them as words to a song (doe, ray, me, far, sew, la {a note to follow sew} tea, dough).

I have purchased and attempted to play by teaching myself over the span of many years:

Tin Whistle



Electric Organ


Other than the electric organ these items were all fairly portable and easy to manage.

I don’t know what drives me to do this. I don’t know why I think I’m supposed to do this. It just feels very important to me to do this. I need to play music. I fully recognize and accept that I have no musical ability whatsoever.  None.  I know this.  There’s  no way that I have it.   I’m not even deluding myself in to thinking it’s a hidden talent.  It’s not hidden at all.  It is absent.  Does. Not. Exist.

Yet I am still driven to play….music.

So after hearing a very emotional song the other day that started out with the tones of a xylophone type instrument I decided I could possibly play the xylophone.

I will do it.

If I don’t manage to “play” the xylophone then there is something else waiting for me to figure it out.   Learn how to make music upon it.  Maybe I have to create an instrument?   Up until I heard this song the other day I have been (unbeknownst to Husband) thinking of getting a guitar. The opening notes of this song I heard,  immediately got my attention. Guitar was a default. Now I am convinced of what to do.

I am going for the xylephone.

And I also had Husband order me a punching bag.

Because I am convinced beyond reasonable understanding that I need to be punching things.

Totally unrelated to the music thing.

Though I am pretty sure there is a correlation for Husband.