Xylophone And Punching Bag

I’m convinced beyond reasonable understanding that I am supposed to learn how to play something musical. I cannot read music. I cannot keep a beat. I cannot carry a tune. For that matter I can’t even recognize or pick out a tune.

I can sing, very poorly, DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO. These are notes of music.  Yes?  But I only know them as words to a song (doe, ray, me, far, sew, la {a note to follow sew} tea, dough).

I have purchased and attempted to play by teaching myself over the span of many years:

Tin Whistle



Electric Organ


Other than the electric organ these items were all fairly portable and easy to manage.

I don’t know what drives me to do this. I don’t know why I think I’m supposed to do this. It just feels very important to me to do this. I need to play music. I fully recognize and accept that I have no musical ability whatsoever.  None.  I know this.  There’s  no way that I have it.   I’m not even deluding myself in to thinking it’s a hidden talent.  It’s not hidden at all.  It is absent.  Does. Not. Exist.

Yet I am still driven to play….music.

So after hearing a very emotional song the other day that started out with the tones of a xylophone type instrument I decided I could possibly play the xylophone.

I will do it.

If I don’t manage to “play” the xylophone then there is something else waiting for me to figure it out.   Learn how to make music upon it.  Maybe I have to create an instrument?   Up until I heard this song the other day I have been (unbeknownst to Husband) thinking of getting a guitar. The opening notes of this song I heard,  immediately got my attention. Guitar was a default. Now I am convinced of what to do.

I am going for the xylephone.

And I also had Husband order me a punching bag.

Because I am convinced beyond reasonable understanding that I need to be punching things.

Totally unrelated to the music thing.

Though I am pretty sure there is a correlation for Husband.

40 thoughts on “Xylophone And Punching Bag

  1. ahaha it might be related to the music thing if you get frustrated! maybe the reason you want to play is because you think you can’t and you want to prove yourself wrong?

    I so want to learn how to play the drums!


  2. Guitar–crazy hard. It’s very strange. Xylophone? Great place to start. Get one of the student bell sets because those have the notes written right on the keys! I know, awesome, right? Then you can learn the notes, which are the same as a piano…see where I’m going with this??? Endless possibilities! You can totally do this!


  3. Oh, I say go for the guitar! It happens to be my dream instrument as well. Electric, acoustic, it does not matter. The sound of a guitar strumming is so beautiful. Tugs right on those heart strings and bypasses the mind!


  4. I love how you threw in that punching bag!!!! God, I love your stories! I also love music and am completely tone deaf and nobody I know will argue with me! I am not good with musical instruments either. For some reason though when I was in 3rd grade I asked my pastor if I could play Amazing Grace on the recorder. He agreed and I practiced that thing for weeks and finally got up in front of the whole church and played it! To this day my mom still has no idea what got into me. I was extremely shy but for some reason I just loved that recorder!!!


  5. The punching bag I can see …. the reason in – but XYLOPHONE ????!!!! Isn’t there anything else you can learn to play … glad I don’t live next door to you *smile
    Only joking – think it’s a great idea .. and when you know how to play and punch you can do one with each hand.


  6. Both punching and music are important and good for the soul. Remember to keep your wrists straight when punching this way, if you are a beginner you do not hurt yourself.

    Also I would like to recommend you read


    He is one of the top bass players in the world. He approaches music very organically and teaches concepts that I have only been able to pick up on my own by playing music for years on end.

    His approach is simple and easily understood and speaks to the curiosity and inner nature of the music lover.


    • Thank you Jeremy Shane. I will check out the link you sent me, I really appreciate it. I know I need help learning anything to do with music so I really am grateful for any tips. Someone can not go “too simple” in teaching me. 😉


  7. I was like, SUPER convinced that I was meant to play the violin. I ALWAYS wanted to be in the school orchestra when I was in junior high but we just never had the money for it. So I made Tyler buy me a violin and I opened it up and broke a string when I was trying to tune it and it’s been sitting in my closet ever since. I’m still convinced I should play it. You will rock that Xylophone! Just like you rock everything else 🙂


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