Can Hope Be Undone?

I have a theoretical, rhetorical or possibly actual question.  Or maybe it’s a thought to ponder.

If someone did something for me that I appreciated:

A kind gesture.

Gave me hope or encouragement in some form.

Put light in to my world where all around me I only saw darkness.

And I reaped the rewards from that ‘action’ many years ago, or just last week, is the reward I received null and void because of new information?

Can the world,  in it’s angry righteousness, wish away the hope that I found?

If I, personally, do a kindness for you and you are made happy, or comfortable, or hopeful, or cheered, or feel less alone, can the benefit of that act be undone?

What if years after my kindness you found out I lied to you?    Does that take away a comfort I shared with you years ago?  Or, found out I lied to someone else or about something else that had nothing to do with the action shared with you.

Personally, for all of my faults, the one thing that would bother me most if I was to  now be less in your eyes is any knowledge that a goodness done for you in the past, now leaves you hollow.  Or that goodness past can be gone back to and made undone.  And have no value.