If There Was Magic

If there was magic in my world.   I would be able to go to this place just because I need to be there.   There would be no need for travel, planning and expense.  I would just be able to close my eyes and be.


Because sometimes being somewhere else is just what we need.  To soothe.  Or comfort.  Or just not be where you are.

There’s nothing wrong with where I am.  But there are some places, that being there, feels good.

Ireland (365)

I could sit here.


For a very long time.

Ireland (368)

I could look at this.

Listen to this.

Smell this.

For a very long time.

Ireland (371)

I could wander here.

Imagine here.

Think of the trails before me.

Ireland (373)

I could go here.

Be here.

Be peaceful here.

Be selfish and hope no one wonders in to this world while I’m here.

Ireland (377)

I would never tire of wearing myself out.

Walking here.

Being here.

I don’t need to be here forever.

But I  sure could use being here.


Climbing Croagh Patrick

Sometimes, if there was magic, I would be here.

Do you believe in magic?

I do.