Dead Or Alive

Do all living things grow continuously?

Grow until death?  Go through cycles?

I don’t know,  I’m really asking.   I am going to think that all living things continue forward in a life cycle.  To be alive, as any living thing must do, isn’t growth of some kind involved?   Even if growth is about aging and losing your vibrancy.  Or in the case of leaves, losing a chemical and becoming vibrant.  But change continues if you are alive.


That’s my theory here.

If we are alive, we are growing.

So, if you are alive as a human being and are not growing, are you already dead?

Pretty deep stuff don’t you think?

You may call me shovel, if you like, because I dig pretty deep sometimes.

But.  Is there truth to that?

I know when I allowed myself to become idle in thought, idle in action, and pursued nothing of experience I didn’t look forward to anything.  I went through my days doing what I must.  I didn’t have feelings of excitement, or for that matter, feelings of despair.   I just….existed.

When I pursued education, or activity, or challenges I look forward to every minute I had and chased down minutes I didn’t want to let go or lose.

Continuously living sounds a lot better than being already dead when we’re alive.

That would suck.

Respectfully yours,

Shovel Master