Dead Or Alive

Do all living things grow continuously?

Grow until death?  Go through cycles?

I don’t know,  I’m really asking.   I am going to think that all living things continue forward in a life cycle.  To be alive, as any living thing must do, isn’t growth of some kind involved?   Even if growth is about aging and losing your vibrancy.  Or in the case of leaves, losing a chemical and becoming vibrant.  But change continues if you are alive.


That’s my theory here.

If we are alive, we are growing.

So, if you are alive as a human being and are not growing, are you already dead?

Pretty deep stuff don’t you think?

You may call me shovel, if you like, because I dig pretty deep sometimes.

But.  Is there truth to that?

I know when I allowed myself to become idle in thought, idle in action, and pursued nothing of experience I didn’t look forward to anything.  I went through my days doing what I must.  I didn’t have feelings of excitement, or for that matter, feelings of despair.   I just….existed.

When I pursued education, or activity, or challenges I look forward to every minute I had and chased down minutes I didn’t want to let go or lose.

Continuously living sounds a lot better than being already dead when we’re alive.

That would suck.

Respectfully yours,

Shovel Master

26 thoughts on “Dead Or Alive

  1. Colleen, I think we grow all the time – I don’t really think that any of us .. don’t grows .. we learn a little every day, maybe are we not aware of it – the growing happens unconsciously … as we get older. We pick up things for people we met, TV, books, newspapers and blogs. So don’t worry about this .. *smile We are all very much alive.
    I don’t think we are dead because we don’t looking for “growing”.
    It’s our common sense we are filling constantly.


    • I think I agree with you. I know there was a point in my life where I truly did not feel like I was growing. I felt “stagnant”. And I look back at that period and think of things I could have been doing. But you are right, that doesn’t mean I didn’t absorb and learn through that time. Even if I wasn’t consciously aware of it.


  2. Dear Shovel Master,
    I couldn’t agree more with your brilliant theory. People can absolutely be like the walking dead. You can have a pulse, and yet, have no other signs of real life. I’ve personally gone through this type of season before. Fortunately, my dry bones have been revived. I am thankful to feel alive again!
    Signed~ your digging comrade 🙂


    • Hello Digger! 🙂 Okay I REALLY like the way you stated this. It feels like what I was trying to say. It is amazing, the difference between “existing” and “living”. Thanks Anka!


  3. I thought about what you said, because you often make me think. I got stuck on “vibrancy”. My grandmother just turned 94. She recently finished an aggressive round of chemo. Small, frail, bald, etc. So, I guess what shocked me is that when you said aging and losing vibrancy, I immediately thought of her. Because she is vibrant. Why do you think that is? She doesn’t look vibrant. Maybe it is stored vibrancy? Can you store that up? I don’t know.


    • Wow Katie. Kudos to Grandma for taking on chemo at 94. She obviously FEELS vibrant and alive. Or else she wouldn’t have opted for chemo. She is a warrior! I hope she is doing well. I’ve seen 40 year olds losing their vibrancy, and those like your grandmother in their 90’s full of it and revving up for more.

      I know I’ve had periods of my life that felt more vibrant than others. So personally I think you can move in and out of it.

      Great thoughts.

      Prayers and comfort for your grandmother.


      • If you can move in and out of it, I think I better focus on staying in, and not being lazy about it. I agree with you though, because I don’t know a lot of people who are as vibrant as her. I think it is my knowledge of her past. Vibrant.


        • Staying focused! That surely is part of the key to a great life. I think her vibrancy sounds like part of her fabric. I imagine her vibrant self shimmering! I hope she knows you see her like this. 🙂


  4. To have a purpose driven life, sside from learning I think its also important to emphasize helping others. Your “shovel master” made me laugh, I think you should change your blog name to that 🙂


    • I will consider changing my name, just for you! 🙂

      Purpose driven life. Surely this is a life growing in health and well being. Helping others, I would think, would be a major way of fertlizing one’s own life. Brilliant! 🙂 Thank you!!!!


  5. Oh, this is absolutely the truth! I haven’t tried out as many new things as you and on such a broad scale…instruments, biking, climbing etc…but I do try to expand my mind occasionally with different past times. It always feels invigorating to try something new or revisit something I haven’t done for awhile!


  6. You’re an excellent Shovel Master. You do indeed dig deep. I have to agree with you. There is more to life than just existence. (Such as freezing your face off on a morning walk when it’s ridiculously cold outside! lol!)


    • THAT sounds like a GREAT existence! I walked back to lunch and someone saw me and said “you are way to chipper to be coming in from the cold!” I told her “I think I am chipper because I’m out in the cold!”


  7. Deep stuff, Chatter Master. Really deep.

    And the root cause has been exposed. Therefore, I would appreciate it very much if you keep your shovel a good distance away from my ears. They won’t stop growing (along with my arse).


  8. Shovel Master, the Queen…boy you are a lady of many talents!!
    Good article, I used to think at a certain age we reach our peak but boy was I wrong, 50+ yrs young and I am going strong! {well, my mind is strong, but most times my body is so weak!!}


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