I Am Not Your Prey

My friend Superwoman and her husband Superman were sitting at home this evening.  A cold and unpleasant evening.   The kind of night where sensible people don’t just go out in to the neighborhood and hangout in the dark.

In the midst of this frigid and dark night Superman looks out the window.  Outside, strangers lurked.  Not only did they lurk, they prepared to prey.   Two of them go up next to the house across the street and circle around it, one remaining in front to watch.  Then the three individuals come up on to the Super’s private property, between their house and the house of their neighbor.

The homes are very close together.  Obviously very private property.  And obviously not belonging to the individuals outside.  Because the owners were inside, watching the intruders on the outside.

Superman retrieves his gun.

The intruders set off a motion detector light, which induces panic in them, and they run away.

Calls are made.  Law enforcement notified.   Neighbors made aware.  Everyone needs to be on the lookout.

The intruders, had they been of upstanding citizenship, would have not been scared of a light coming on but grateful for it so they could see where they were going.  So they could safely approach and knock on the door.   No, no, wait.  That doesn’t sound right.  The intruders, had they been of upstanding citizenship, would not have been walking on private property to the rear of the properties, in the dark,  trying to go unnoticed.

The intruders, if they were there on honest to goodness business or with honest to goodness intentions, would have gone to the door and knocked.  Or rung the doorbell.  Not lurking about trying to go unnoticed to see what they could see.

It amazes me that any one person, let alone three, believe they have the right to walk up and upon other’s property.  Those three individuals knew without a doubt that they did not own those two properties.   They knew what they were doing was wrong.  And yet they decided to do it anyway.  I know it’s naive of me to be stunned at people’s audacity to believe they have the right to commit a crime against another human.  But those of us who don’t consider it right to harm others, or steal from others, how are we supposed to understand it?

These individuals may not have gotten in to the home this night.  But what damage has been done?  The Supers know that those individuals exist.  And lurk.  And are ready and willing to prey upon others.

These intruders are willing to strike fear in to the parents of young children.

These intruders are willing to strip the zone of comfort we wrap our homes in- away – and lay us bare to intimidation and frustration.

These intruders are willing to sacrifice their own value to become a burden to the well being of our society.

These intruders are becoming more brazen, more entitled and more dangerous.

Without haven yet entered the homes they are casing they have already stolen.   They have stolen comfort and well being and safety right out of the very lives of these people.

These intruders will some day run in to Superman or Superwoman when they enter a home and find that Superman and Superwoman are prepared to defend, protect and own their rights.

They will be looking at the intruders and making it very clear that they will not be anyone’s prey.

If individuals choose to lurk and prey they should automatically assume that they have signed a contract that takes away their rights.  Once you illegally enter Superman’s or Superwoman’s domain and threaten the sanctity of their home, the safety of their child, they lose all rights to their own well being.

Why would anyone sign that contract?

I am so naive.