What We Hear

Husband and I did some traveling today.   He drives because my driving makes him sick.  He told me so.  Ten years ago.  It still applies today.  Mostly because I won’t let it go.  This is not the point of this story.

It’s a little known fact about me but I can’t just sit in the car.  I have to occupy my brain.  So I decided I would practice with my Kindle on the piano app and transfer that knowledge to my xylophone.

This isn’t about the xylophone.  I am aware that you have been fulfilled of your desire to know about this.

But, I was playing the xylophone.  And the piano app.

At one point I had mastered 1/3 of a new song. I ask Husband:

“Are you impressed?”

Very emphatically he says “NO!”

I kind of thought he was a little forceful with his answer so I said “you’re not?” Hoping he was kidding.

He said “NO!”.   I just kind of looked at him.   He looked at me sideways.   You know how spouses and close friends are.  He knew I was looking at him because I was surprised by his answer.  That’s what he thought. In reality I couldn’t believe his answer. I mean, it just seemed mean and very uncharacteristic of him. I could have thrown rocks at the garage and he would have said “that’s great Colleen! I can’t believe how many things you try!”  I was okay with him not being impressed.  I was just shocked at the negative emphasis he was putting in the answer.

He looked at me sideways, again, as I was still looking at him.  He said, emphatically “No! I’m not…” I thought for certain he was just being mean now…..”depressed!”


“No, I said ‘are you impressed?  NOT are you depressed'”

He smiled and said “oh, yes honey”.

I still don’t believe him.

Good cover/save Husband.

A little known fact about Husband: I can be sitting as close to him as if I were in a car next to him with six inches between our shoulders and he can’t hear me.  He says.  But I can mutter something under my breath with four rooms, eight walls, and three closed doors between us and he hears me.

I’m pretty sure he chooses what he wants to hear.  And he is a genius.  A think-before-I-speak kind of guy.   He had this conversation planned out before I even opened my mouth. Ready with a cover. He’s a fast thinker that one.

Poor man can’t win.

39 thoughts on “What We Hear

  1. *The person who thought that this post was about the xylophone has been sacked*

    *The person who sacked the person who thought this post was about the xylophone has been sacked*

    *The person who sacked the person for sacking the person for thinking this post was about the xylophone has also been sacked*


    That is awesome you figured out a bit of a song. I get the same rush when I figure out songs I like, or if I manage to transcribe a piece of sheet music and it finally makes sense to me as to how to play it.


    • 🙂 Heretic you make me laugh! And it is a rush, isn’t it? It may be a very little song. But it was pretty sweetly played, don’t you think?????

      I haven’t put the notes to the paper yet, but my friend really did, in 2 minutes show me “how” music is written. I don’t “know” it yet but I finally have the concept. Amazing. I can’t imagine the rush of writing music, or reading it and transferring it to an instrument. I am in awe of any of you who can do this!!!!


  2. I am laughing thinking of you on that Kindle in the car.Are you kidding me! That man is a saint I say.I cannot quit laughing.Please make it stop.I keep seeing your little face on that video and I can’t quit thinking of it.


    • I am WHC at your comment. Because MY face at the end of that video keeps making ME laugh! And you are correct, the man is a saint. 🙂 I would tap out the tune on the kindle then do it on the xylophone. (Here’s a secret, don’t share it though: I couldn’t follow the video on youtube for TODDLERS to learn xylophone!)



  3. Colleen, your writing has got so much better & better & better – so chatty, & I love your humour (this is not the story…).

    I love hearing about you & hubby. Can so imagine it. You suit each other so much! 🙂


    • Whew…I thought it might be “me”. But it sounds like it could be “him”. 😉 I also think he sometimes just anticipates what I am saying. I will say something random to him and he robotically says “I love you too” like he just thought I said that. Which is always a good sign he can’t hear or he ISN’T listening to me.


  4. This is so great! This xylophone is going to supply an endless amount of stories!!! I know all too well the about the selective hearing from husbands. Mine is the same way. My father was also the same way but now his hearing is actually very bad and my mom keeps urging him to get a hearing aid and he is resisting because he says he likes the quiet!!! The other day I actually spotted him grocery shopping at the same store I was at and I started yelling “Dad!” I had to shout it five times at the top of my lungs before he turned around and by this point the whole store was turned around looking at me!


    • Ah! Husband has had his hearing checked and the doctor says he might have a “little” hearing loss. I keep telling him he needs rechecked. But I am convinced he just doesn’t hear “MY” voice. I am VERY loud so it’s either by choice, or it is the ONE tone he can’t truly hear……. hhmmmmm…..

      I hope your dad gets the hearing aide, he can do what my Grandfather used to do when we invaded his house….turn it down. 🙂 He always enjoyed the quiet when we were there!


  5. So, your hubby either has selective hearing or he really IS a genius! Whatever the case, his final answer was the one that earned him points. He must stay the course to keep his xylophone loving wife happy! 🙂


  6. Mr Brown … has the same disability as my grandma had … only hears what he wants to hear. And good for him. I’m not sure I would stand xylophone playing daily neither. Maybe that is the reason why he can’t hear you *laughing.


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